“I keep telling you to stop asking for that. Why would you marry a good Christian woman like me if you wanted to have kinky sex like that?” Rose huffed and put her hands on her hips, “For the thousandth time, I will-”

He pressed a button on the remote in her hands, and Rose stopped talking, blinking as she frowned a bit at him, “I will…will…absolutely fuck you with my pretty titties, love…”

Rose grinned after licking the tip of her husband’s wonderful cock, keeping her titties pressed together around it, “You need to get me implants, hubby…I need bigger titties if I want to properly fuck your cock with them…”

He just grinned and pressed another button on his remote, then pushed her onto the couch and started thrusting into her, his hand groping her breast as he watched them grow – though, of course, she didn’t notice them growing, her memories just changed along with them.

“Fuck…I love your cock, love…so good in my slutty cunt…I’m such a lucky woman…” Rose moaned, watching him as he fucked her dripping cunt and grabbed her titty.

He kept making slight changes as they went, and they fucked all over the house. By the time he had her in the kitchen, he’d turned her into his eager little pet, complete with a collar.

“Fuck! Master! K-kitty loves your cock in her slutty pussy! Cock so good in kitty’s pussy!”

That remote was amazing…just a little while ago, his wife has though she was a good, “moral” Christian woman for not having kinky sex. Now…now kinky sex was the only thing she cared about, and she’d be his cockslut for the rest of their lives.