This lesson wasn’t anything like Rachel thought it would be. The girls were all taken aside for something she assumed was important but instead they were just shown a video of a spiral.

Still it captured and kept Rachel’s attention, and the attention of everyone else in her class. They all watched in attention unable to take their eyes away.


It was hard to look away, impossible even yet Rachel wasn’t sure what this video had to do with historical studies.


But it didn’t matter, Rachel just sat and silently enjoyed the video, letting it fill that empty space in her mind.


She didn’t just allow it in, she allowed it to consume her, she allowed it to control her.


The spiral wanted her to be dumb. The spiral wanted her to be slutty. The spiral wanted her to be pretty. The spiral wanted her to be obedient.


She was unable to resist, they were unable to resist. They were going to become bimbos. They already were bimbos.

 The spiral wins. The spiral always wins.