Jeez, it worked! I can’t believe it actually frigging worked!

I’d not known my father, but when I found the old armoire, hidden away in the attic of our family home, I discovered a treasure trove of notebooks and faded photos. My mother had always said there’d been something….different about him, but I’d never thought it would be something like…this.

“Hey, Paul! Surprise! Bet ya didn’t think your letter to my agent would lead to this!

“K-Kristen? Is…is that really you?”

“Of course it is, silly! It was you, wasn’t it, who wrote to me, asking if you could take me to the prom? Or is this just, like, a really, really excellent dream I’m having?”

I learned a lot about my father those few weekends ago. Turns out he had these, well, special abilities, to persuade people to do things he wanted. It didn’t matter how, to whom, or what he requested. All he had to do was ask, and they’d do it. And then I found out something even more incredible – the trait was genetic.

So here she was, the actual Kristen Bell, standing on my doorstep. I invited her in, trying not to stare too hard as her cute little ass walked past me, and into the living room.

“Um, so, like, I’m going to be your date tonight, honey. You’ll be the envy of the school, I just know it. Walking in there with me on your arm? And don’t worry, we’ll give them quite the show. <giggle!> I…I’m sorry, I’m just, like, so excited to be here! You’re so clever and so brave to have asked me.”

It took a week or so to begin to understand and channel my newfound ability, but it sure came in handy. So when the time came to prepare to go to the Prom, on the spur of the moment I decided to try something crazy. I wrote to Kristen Bell, through her agent, asking if she’d go to the Prom with me. I reasoned it was worth a shot. It was a kind of throwback to Prom dates from years hence, when there was a one in a million shot you’d at least get a sweet reply back.

I never thought this power…my power…could work over such a long distance…

“But what about your husband, Dax? Won’t he be mad?”

Kristen looked me straight in the eye, with the most serious of expressions.

“Paul, listen to me. Tonight is all about me and you. Just us. No-one else. You asked me for this date, and I agreed. As soon as I read the letter, something deep inside me told me I…I had to come here. I had to fulfil your request. I had to please you in any way I could. I…had to obey.”

It was when she said that word – obey – that I finally understood the power I had. I could make Kristen, Kristen Bell, the Hollywood actress, anyone in fact, do anything I asked. And they wouldn’t refuse. They couldn’t. It would seem like such a sensible, and rational idea, it would feel just like a naturally occurring compulsion in their own mind.

“In that case, Kristen, there’s a few things I should ask of you before we go ahead. First, would you kneel for me?”

Kristen slipped effortlessly to her knees, looking up at me, waiting for the next question.

“Anything to please me, that’s what you said, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Paul. Anything…anything at all. You command, and I obey…” she grinned, deviously, stroking my legs up and down.

“OK then, Kristen…” I swallowed, hard, looking down into her eyes, drinking in her gorgeous, submissive pose. “I want you to flirt with me, all throughout the Prom. I want you to call me ‘Master’ whenever you can. And, when we get home later tonight, I want you to give me the most incredible sex you’ve ever experienced. 

She nodded, and got back to her feet.

Of course, Master Paul. I can’t wait for you to fuck me…”

“Speaking of which, Kristen, we’ve got at least an hour before the limo shows up….”

She giggled, and puckered her lips.

“Just lead me to the bedroom then, Master…”

Inspired by this question/answer, and by a fixation with Kristen Bell this evening. Tempted to do a few more in a similar vein..