(image brought to my attention by @pearlqueensposts)

“Kelly?” Alicia asked. “Is that you..? What happened!?”

The woman on the floor smiled up at her roommate. Alicia stared down at her in shock and confusion. It wasn’t, she slowly realized, that Kelly actually looked any different than she had nine hours ago when Alicia left for work. Not physically. It was just her expression that had changed, her body language–there was something about her that was at once vapid yet sensual, like her higher brain functions had shut down and left her libido firmly in control.

“It’s wonderful,” Kelly purred, running her hand slowly down her torso. “Here!” She held the headphones in her other hand out to Alicia. Faint music could be heard from them, faraway-sounding.

“Kelly,” Alicia said, “are you saying that music did something to you? Kelly–no, stop that!”

Kelly had slid her hand down to her jeans and was rubbing her crotch through them. Then she unbuckled her belt, popped the button of her jeans, and slid her hand into her panties.

Wait… unbuckling her belt took two hands! With some surprise, Alicia realized she was holding the headphones now, having taken them from Kelly at some point.

“Can’t stop,” gasped Kelly. “I know you can hear it. It’s in you. You’re gonna change like me, and that’s so hot…”

Alicia could feel herself starting to get turned on. “Kelly, you’re scaring me,” she said, but Kelly could only moan in helpless desire response.

Helpless. Horny. The music had done that to Kelly. It was already doing it to Alicia. The closer the headphones got to her head, the more clearly she could hear it, and the hornier she got. The more helpless she became. She couldn’t fight it. Didn’t want to fight it.

She slipped the headphones over her ears, gasped in pleasure, and sank to the floor next to Kelly.