(for their victory request for my 400 followers contest, @gaming-by-al asked for soemthing a bit unusual–for me to do one of the other entries in the contest! Specifically, this one..)

Eve just couldn’t put the book down. She couldn’t have told you what it was actually about, partially because from the moment she began reading it her attention had been captured so thoroughly she wouldn’t have registered you saying it, partially because by three-quarters of the way through she was feeling so scrambled she couldn’t have answered any question coherently, but mostly because it didn’t seem to be about anything. The words seem to flow and scatter across the page, but she understood them on a level deeper than words normally went.

She knew they were changing her. It felt good to be changed. It was good and right for the book to change her. Her hand slipped between her thighs. She hadn’t told it to do that, but she suddenly wanted it there, very very much. She pulled her panties aside, eyes still glued to the book.

As she turned the page she sighed softly and began to rub her clit. It felt like a surrender, but if she’d ever been fighting, she’d long ago forgotten what she was fighting or why. Somewhere around page 50, probably, not that she could keep count of pages anymore.

With just a few pages left, she came. She turned to the next page with sticky fingers as the last of her mind and will dripped out of her onto the floor, but the book was done making changes to her mind.

Eve finished changing her clothes, and then raised a hand to her new horns. She trembled as she touched them–they felt so good!

She waited a few hours to see if her Author–she was certain she had an Author, the Book told her so–would show up, make any edits, but he didn’t. Oh well. The Book was quite clear on what to do if the Author didn’t have anything more specific in mind. She needed to find her sexiest friend.

She looked in the mirror and concentrated a moment. There. Her horns would be invisible to anyone who didn’t already know they were there, at least until she wanted them to see them. She grabbed her phone and headed for her car.

“Eve?” asked Jess as her friend entered her room. “Why did you need to see me so urgen…” She trailed off.

“Hello, Jess,” said Eve.

“Eve…” said Jess distantly. “Why am I so… you’re so…”

“Shh,” said Eve, walking slowly toward Jess. “Just relax and give in, it’ll feel so much better that way.” She took Jess’ chin in her hand and leaned down to kiss her.

Jess moaned against Eve’s lips. “How…” she managed. “How are you so… why do I suddenly… want you so much..?”

Eve smiled as she led her unresisting friend to the bed. “That’d be because I’m not human anymore,” she said. Slowly her horns began to become visible. “Please, stop asking questions…” Eve continued. “It’s getting… hard to think… I need to eat your mind to… to… thingy…”

She kissed Jess again, and then there were only two bodies intertwining, touching and stroking and panting and gasping, and when Jess was ready, Eve eagerly lapped up her mind and will along with her cum.

Jess luxuriated in the feel of her new wings while she watched Eve dress. She wasn’t thinking about much; couldn’t think about much except what Eve told her to, at least until and unless their Author rewrote them.

In the meantime, well… they would both be hungry again soon. Fortunately they knew where to find lots of women on which to feed…

Oh wow! As the one that came up with this prompt, it was a great surprise to see it managed to pop up anyway. Thanks a bunch to
@gaming-by-al, and of course Mid for writing it!