That. Fucking. Ring.

It was the ring that was doing all of it! Ingrid knew that Paul was a nice guy, for a crew manager, but.. seriously, no one begins to fetishize over a random crew manager all of a sudden. She couldn’t help but wear the ring, the pretty flower on it… and accessorize with the sexy bracelets, handcuffs symbolizing her submission… her need… to obey…

It was seriously making her so much hornier. She’d masturbated and stuck her fingers in herself at least fifteen times yesterday… and she was already at ten today, and it wasn’t even afternoon yet! She just… NEEDed to obey! Needed to be horny! Needed to be his.

“Paul… ff-ff-f-fuck…” She ran straight to his trailer… he had a trailer. Of course He did. He was superior, after… No, she meant that to be s-s-sarc-submissive. Of course. He was her Master.

“Master!” She squealed, throwing herself upon him. All of this wonderful circumstance would not have happened if not for…

That… Fucking… Ring….!!!~

For @deeperinmypower

Mmmmm, very good….this pleases me greatly, @pearlqueensposts