Danielle smiled as she read the text from her husband, before quickly calling him up.

“You’re so sweet, dear,” she said.

There was an odd buzzing noise in the background, though she just smiled wider as he replied, “Always sweet for you, dear.”

She giggled a bit, “Just like how I’m always sexy for you, right?”

“Absolutely, love. You’re always taking care of that tight body of yours to please me. And I bet you’re wet for me right now, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” she grinned as she slipped her hand between her legs, into her panties and rubbing herself, “Just your voice is enough to turn me on…”

“Imagining my big cock in your pretty little pussy, baby?”

“Y-Yes, Master…” Dani gasped as she slid two fingers into herself, “My other holes too though, Master…”

“Good whore. Now, why don’t you change this to a video call? Let me see that body of yours, my whore.”

“Y-yes, Master…” she mumbled, moaning as she quickly did as told and set the phone down next to her so he could see her whole body as she groped one of her titties and thrust her fingers into her cunt.

He grinned as he looked at the picture, seeing that the physical changes from the breakfast he’d left her had already started taking effect as her hair had gone blonde. She was going to be so much fun…