“Greetings Ms. Romanoff. You are my most high-profile target yet. An Avenger…all mine…”

“All yours, Master…what’s an Avengers?” she mumbled.

He grinned, eyeing her, “No need to worry about that, my slut. All you need to worry about from now on is serving me. You got that?”

“Of course, my Master. I love you, and I just want to serve you. Nothing else matters…”

“You’re taking very well to your reprogramming. Very good, Natasha. Just for that, I think I’ll let you give me a blowjob.”

“Right here?” she grinned, excited.

“Right here. On your knees.”

Natasha had walked into this forest looking to capture a dangerous criminal who was controlling people’s minds and causing trouble.

She was going to walk out of this forest with a need to please her Master, and worship his godly cock until he grew tired of her.

And he probably wasn’t going to ever tire of her.