Talking down


Since my last talk was relatively popular…

“Should I
tell you what’s going on?” I asked, head tilting to the side as a let a smile
appear on my face, all teeth and feral promise.

Jessica drew out the word, staring back at me, shifting, squirming as she
struggled to move in her seat, finding it almost impossible to move, finding
her eyes drawn to mine in spite of herself.

“Me.” I
agreed with a nod of my head. “The truth is, you’re losing. Sitting there,
helpless, squirming, about as you can’t help but Feel It, Deep inside of you.
Pushing into you, bit by bit, a hot, slick sweet thrust of emotion, desire,
want, hunger.”

“No.” She
whispered, barely audible as I could see the way her eyes fluttered, trying to
look away, trapped, helpless, terrifying, and yet melting with a molten hunger

little struggle you make, all your fighting, squirming, writhing about in that
slick, melting mess you can feel dripping down through you, pulling you deeper,
Breaking you bit by bit, step by step. You can feel it, the way the slowly,
deep pulses of desire push into the cracking walls of your resistance,
penetrating into you like a hot lance of pure, Desire that burns away
everything into touches into a hot, dribbling, dripping mess until it buries
itself Deep inside of you and explodes into a such a feeling of achingly wicked

“Stop.” She
whimpered this time, her voice a sweet, quivering, dulcet tone that poured past
her lips like a dribbling river of wine.

I loved the
taste she left in the air, quivering, wanting, shivering with all that
repressed, bubbling, burning desire that coursed through her veins.

“Mmm, stop?
Wasn’t it you that told me to never stop, hmm? Wasn’t it your voice,
dripping with want, hunger, ache and desire that told me to give you More
and More and More until your voice broke into a dripping, liquid
little whimper that mewled in sweet, longing Desperation, hmm?”

She shifted,
squirming, her body curling into itself, legs twitching, rubbing, pressing to
themselves as she fought desperately against the heat that burned through her
vein that churned and hungered as the reminded her again and again of the
hungering, quivering emptiness she could feel burning inside.

She wanted.
Oh, how she wanted. The sweet slick dripping  drops of desire were growing
now, becoming harder and harder for her to push away, impossible for her to

“No, you
don’t want me to stop, do you. You want me to give you more. Feeding the heat
inside of you, the hunger, the sweet, dripping want that…”

She moaned out, desperate, wanting, squirming as she bit down on her lower lip
even as her eyes half fluttered close. “Please… please, please, please please…”

“No.” I
chided her lightly, smiling at her with another flash of teeth as I leaned in
close, breath hot, wicked, teasing upon her flesh as she mewled and leaned into

She hissed out, whining as she looked up at me, eyes glassy, glazed over with a
hot frosting of sweet, bubbling need as she finally spread herself open,
inviting, exposed. “Plllllllleeeeeeease.”

Again, I
smiled at her, and she slumped down, her body soft then, flesh, glistening,
quivering as she seemed to surrender to that feeling of pure, helplessness that
poured down deep into her open, inviting body, pulsing, deeper and deeper into
her, filling her with a suddenly eruption of emotion that turned into a pure,
sensual surrender that shook through her very core.

“I remember
what you told me before: Anything, everything I want to do to you, Do It. You
Want Me to Take You, to Claim You. You Want so very much, down to the deepest,
pulsing core you keep so very hidden in the darkest, deepest part of you. You
Want Me, you want, you Need, you Hunger for me to slowly strip away the layers
of protest, of Resistance, of all those sweet little doubts you feel holding
onto you.”

She gasped, arching back now, eyes unseeing as they stared up at the ceiling as
she bucked, begging wordlessly for something, anything to satisfy the burning
fire coursing through her veins, her mind trembling, melting, dripping down
into a pool of molten slag.

And in the
process, I offered her no mercy, no response as my lips slipped down, hovering
above her ear. “You can just Remember It, can’t you, that Desire, boiling
inside of you, that feeling of pure, helpless Want, aching, trembling Need that
filled you with such a Helpless, Submissive Hunger that you just Open Yourself
Up, Wide, Needing, Begging to be Filled…

“Your greedy
little body consumed with that same, constant, gnawing hunger. Knowing that it’s
slowly devouring the melted mess of what few little thoughts remain, swaying
about inside your pretty little head. Piece by Piece, Inch by Inch…

“I will take
you All, Devouring you, Consuming you, until you know nothing but the sweet,
undeniable, inescapable pleasure of being Mine.”

With that, I
watched her break into a melted, quivering little mess, dripping, moaning, lost
in a sudden eruption of pleasure that
burned away her thoughts and left nothing but dirty little cinders,
eager to be used.