The shower in this place was wonderful…Casey would’ve never called a shower paradise, until she had one here, at least. The water was just so…relaxing…

She’d found herself looking forward to taking a shower everyday while she was on the business trip, which was good, because there wasn’t much else to look forward to when she was on a business trip with her boss, who she hated, and had to live with him, while being away from her husband.


At least, that’s how she felt for the first few days.

Then things changed…

Her boss was so funny! How had she ever been upset when he joked about ramming his cock in her slutty holes and grabbed her ass?! That wasn’t rude! It was hilarious!

And his comments on her big titties were funny too! Talking about covering them in his cum and making her rub it into her.

She could almost feel rubbing his cum into her titties as she rubbed them into the shower door…


Maybe they weren’t funny…more…sexy…arousing…erotic…

She wasn’t even in the same country as her husband! And she was so horny…and her boss seemed to be as well…

Her husband would never find out…only her and her boss would know if she let him fuck her slutty pussy!

And so she invited him into her shower the next day.


And then, the next day, he made sure the entire city knew that he was fucking her.

Luckily, though, there was still no way of her husband that she was now her boss’ eager cockslut.

He’d probably tell her to get away from her boss’ godly cock!