Megan smiled serenely as she felt the wire-thingy plugged into the back of her head uploading a new personality into her.

Her memories were completely intact, but as the computer uploaded a new personality into her, her memories started seeming strange, as she wasn’t sure why she’d acted that way in the past.

How the hell had she passed university? She was a dumb, silly bimbo!

Why had she thought she could work in an office? Again, she was a dumb, silly bimbo, and she was nowhere near smart enough for that!

Especially, why hadn’t she accepted that job as a stripper she’d been offered recently? That was the perfect job for her! She loved having people eyeing her like she was a fucktoy, and her body was her best asset, not her silly, empty head!

She was glad her Master had managed to convince her…or had her not convinced her? Hmm…she wasn’t sure, the last little bit of her memory was fuzzy. Either way, she did know that the computer that was plugged into her was going to teach her all the moves a stripper needed, and all the other assorted info needed. That was good! She’d have to take a class fifty times to be able to remember it if she was trying to learn it naturally!

Her Master was so smart! Knowing she’d need a computer to teach her!

She was going to be the bestest stripper he could ask for!

Ooh! And hooker too! If he wanted that, of course!

She hoped he did! She wanted to be his good stripper/hooker!