Casey moaned into the duct tape as she felt Jill’s fingers teasing her already hard nipple.

Jill grinned down at the whore, knowing that the drugs were pumping through her system, making her aroused enough to make her easy to manipulate.


“My Master wants you, Casey. You’re going to break up with your husband for him, and you’re going to love it. Trust me, I did that for him, and I’ve loved every second of my life ever since. You’ll be the same, soon enough. Our boss will soon be your Master as well as mine…”

Casey wasn’t even struggling, her body too aroused for her to want to. She didn’t want to betray her husband, but her body definitely did…

When Jill’s hand slid down between Casey’s legs, she moaned into the tape as she felt her starting to fuck her with her fingers, fuck…she was so drenched…aching to be fucked…

“By the time I make you cum, you’ll belong to my Master…”

Master…that idea was sounding better and better as Jill’s fingers thrust deep into her. God…her husband had never even managed to make her this wet…fuck…

“That’s it, Cary…give in…give in to the feeling of your coworker’s fingers fucking your slutty cunt and making you want to belong to your boss…become the whore you are deep down…”

She moaned louder into the tape as Jill kept at it, rolling her hips against her fingers. Yes…she wanted to give in…become her boss’ slut…leave her husband for him…

Her back arched and she moaned out loudly as she came around Jill’s fingers, her brain washing out of her with that orgasm, replacing her with a new woman, one who wanted to her boss’ slut – and was a lot dumber.

She giggled after Jill took off the duct tape and untied her, and then grinned widely at her Master as he walked in.

She quickly went over to kneel in front of him, “My body is yours, Master…I am yours…”

She giggled again when he covered her titties with his wonderful seed, smiling lovingly up at him. She was going to love taking his seed in any way he wanted.

Her life was going to get soooooooo much better!