“Doctor! Something is wrong!” Clara shouted out before freezing in place.

She couldn’t move…couldn’t…couldn’t think properly…mind…slowing down…

No! Her memories! They were…fading! They were…wait…what was she upset about? She…couldn’t remember…

Wait…why was she wearing these clothes? They were covering up way too much! She needed to highlight her body! Present it! She was such a silly whore…

They hadn’t made those upgrades for women to make them smart! They were to make them eager to serve! Eager to fuck in any way a man asked!

She may not be a native to this planet, but she’d accepted their gift and willingly let them wipe her mind…so she could become a slut. Now she was a slut, she had to be a good one, had to be the best one!

She giggled a bit as she started pulling her clothes off, before walking into one of the nearby buildings, knowing it was a strip-club, and it would surely have better clothes for a whore like her.

I don’t know what’s inspired this run of Doctor Who-based captions, but I love them! More please – more Amy, some Rose, perhaps?