Damnnnn 😍💋


Carrie had to think of a way to escape from the man’s house.
She didn’t know who he really was, he only told her to call him Master. Which
she did, impossible to stop it from slipping out. She’d pieced it together
slowly from the way he bragged about programming her mind to serve him. He’d
somehow put subliminal messages into her computer, in the music on her ipod,
even on her phone. She had felt different, a lot more aroused during the day but
thought she was just in a strange mood. Then Carrie had found herself walking to
the unknown house where he was waiting at the door patiently. It hadn’t even occurred
to her to say something about this as she walked right in and undressed.

Carrie shook her head. No getting caught up in how it
happened. Now she was brainwashed and she needed to come up with a good plan to
be able to escape. Of course it was hard to think with everything he’d done to
her. That’s why she needed to get into the pose she was in now. Hand tucked
under her chin, foot up on the table to support her. Her thoughts felt sticky
and sweet like candy so she’d have to spend an awful long time before she could
think of anything.

Not to mention how hot her body would get whenever she tried
to think really hard. It felt like how a supercomputer worked, running all of
those complicated numbers and overheating. So naturally she had to be naked for
it. Well, not completely naked. She wasn’t a slut, no matter how many times he
called her one. Even if it did sound like a super fun thing to be.

She kept her skirt on to be modest. Though she had to leave
it rolled up to show off her cute ass. Her pussy always did feel the hottest of
all when she went into the thinking posture so of course she had to leave it
exposed to the cool air. And Carrie kept her heels on because… well, she didn’t
really know why. That’s probably why she’d put them on and got into this pose so she could really think.

Carrie shut her eyes, hand under her chin, and she felt it
working. Channels opening up in her gummed up mind, thoughts starting to flow.
She could think again! And now that she had that little bit of freedom coming
up with plans was so easy.

All she had to do was walk right up to the man when he got
home, get on her knees and suck his cock. No, that wouldn’t be good enough, she
thought, and smiled knowing she could think for herself. She’d have to show off
her body first to turn him on. Then when he was nice and hard she could start
to pleasure him.

After that there were so many ways to take her escape plan.
Bend over right there and let him fuck her. Or lead him into the bedroom,
crawling backwards and leading him with her mouth still sucking tight on his
cock. So many rooms to go to, so many fun positions. She couldn’t know which
one would do the trick so Carrie figured she’d have to try them all. But
eventually she’d find the right plan and Master would make sure she’d never be
able to escape this fun house.

Carrie smiled, growing wetter. This thinking position Master showed her
really does work!