Roberts was not particularly impressed.

“So you’re going to make me as obedient as you, and Stone, and also Watson? With a silly necklace?”

“Yes, dear.  My… well, my other friend…” I giggled a little bit.

“Let me guess: Emma!” She stared annoyingly as the two other girls were traipsing on the beach in their matching swimsuits, holding hands cutely and blissfully in an obedient state…

“No, actually… her name doesn’t especially matter. But these Pearls…” I gently reached out for them, her shoulder rapidly moving… then freezing…

“That felt bad… why?”

“The Pearls can… let’s see… send pleasing impulses and negative feelings towards the wearer (whenever they wish), which is usually used to influence the wearer into obedience. The Pearls simply must be stroked, and will do almost anything to be stroked regularly, which also arouses the wearer…” I stopped, the rest not making a whole ton of sense. Some nonsense about them being alive, and they were aliens, or some crap…

I stroked them gently, and I could hear Roberts gasp. “Ohhhhh….” And moan! Wonderful.

“Roberts, you will obey, won’t you?”

“Y-yes, Emma… I will obey… fuckkkkk… just please, don’t stop…”

I didn’t, and soon, she quickly became as mindless as the other three in their devotion. Now that we were all at Watson’s home (well, homes, she had two smaller cottages that we shared while… our… I don’t know… someone else stayed in Watson’s house), everything was alright.

We just had to remember why we were here, and who brought us here… but I felt a gut feeling that it wouldn’t be a problem much longer…

@midorikonton​, I hope you enjoy. I left you that first Emma, so She can be either your dominant one, or your smart and sexy girl to dominate while she controls the other three… or more like a secretary. There’s a few ways it could go…

Also, couldn’t pass this pretty picture up. So mindless… so Pearly.

And the last part!

(Still no idea why you described it as languorous or thought that meant I wouldn’t like it…)