Standing in front of the man was an empty shell.

She used to be a federal agent, but wasn’t one anymore.

She’d been foolish, trying to break into this facility. Agents were always foolish.

They typically didn’t expect to have liquid suddenly pour on them, washing their minds away. Rose had walked right into the trap, and once the liquid washed over her, she was no longer Rose. She was an empty shell waiting to be filled.

Of course, memories were still in the shells’ brains, so they could be extracted, but the shells couldn’t even think, let alone access their memories. They had to be taught everything.

The man pushed the empty shell to her knees and forced her to part her lips, before his cock was pushed in.

She moaned as she felt him start to fuck her throat, finding immense pleasure washing over her as he did so.

“There’s a good whore…” he spoke, holding onto her head as he thrust roughly into the new whore’s throat. The liquid that had washed over her could wipe her mind away, and his cock, along with all the other cocks of the men who worked here, and the cunts of the women that worked here, could make her addicted to sex and ache to constantly be fucked.

She didn’t need a brain.

All she needed was a hyperactive sex drive.

Then they just needed to find somebody that wanted to buy a redheaded bimbo.