Human Resources


“Well it looks like
everything is in good order here Carrie, so let me be the first to welcome you
to the Company.” The hiring manager said as he shuffled a few papers around on
his desk with a pleased look. Carrie simply giggled at him from around the part
of her glasses she was nibbling on. She hadn’t been thinking clearly for the
last half hour or so. If she had, Carrie would have been appalled at her own
ditzy behavior and terrified by the expression on the man’s face across from her. It was pure lust.

“Like, yay!” She smiled at
him, “but what, um, what am I gonna do?” She began to pout as her fuzzy head
started to hurt.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about
that. I’m sure you’ll be put to good use very soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I
need to get the paperwork started so that your old life can be erased over the
weekend. Lots of odds and ends to tie up.” The vapid look he received as he
stood up and headed for the door clearly expressed Carrie’s concern about all
of that. “But do be a good girl and get out of those conservative clothes. How
about you put on a show for the rest of the office? I’m sure they’ll be extra
nice to the new girl if you show them what kind of girl they’ll be working

Carrie blinked a few times
and mouthed his words as her mind tried to catch up. “Oh! Like, give ‘em a
show! I can totally do that!”

“Hey Steve. That the new

“Hey ya Josh. Yeah, that’s
her. Tits aren’t as big as Karen’s were though. I’ve got twenty that Jack has
them enlarged within the next week.”

“That’s a sucker’s bet.
She’ll have tits the size of basketballs by Friday knowing Jack. Still…nice
body either way. It’ll be good to have a whore around the office again. I
swear, it’s so much easier to concentrate when you’ve got a willing set of
holes to relieve a little stress into.”

“You’re telling me! Half the
guys in the office today have gone over to ‘introduce’ themselves. She gives
great head man. You should have seen her strip tease earlier. I’d bet money
that she’s been a stripper before.”

“You know the subliminals in
the HR room pipe all the info right into her pretty little brain, right? Ya
know, while it’s totally scrambling the rest of her old self?”

“Yeah, I know. But with her
not having a history any more it’s fun to make it up. I can’t wait to take her home
for a night and do a little role playing.”

“Tell me about it. Well, I’ve
got a report I have to finish up before five, but I think I’m going to go over
and introduce myself to the newest member of the team. See you later man!”