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Note: This is inspired by a long, long conversation with @pinkbimbogirl , and is offered with both a smile and an utterly insincere apology.The image credits on this one also got a bit mangled, so I’ve left them off. If anyone is curious, send me an ask and I’ll track that info down.

That night was unremarkable, filled with the things that so often filled her life these days – browsing the internet, mostly pornography, a few spirals, masturbation. and bedtime. Nothing special. She fantasized about hypnosis, about having her mind bound, but as hot a fantasy as it was it rarely went beyond that.

Sometime in the middle of the night she had downloaded a file onto her computer called “Good Girl.mp3″ though she couldn’t recall from where, precisely. She saw it on her desktop and blinked twice, wondering why she had downloaded it in the first place. There’s only one way to know, she thought, and that is to listen to it

She transferred the file onto her phone, got out her headphone, and looked at the play button. I might as well get comfortable, she thought, the file is about an hour long. She laid down in bed and hit play. 

Good girls fall into trance. Good girls listen on repeat. Good girls open their minds to the words. Good girls drift to sleep and let the words seep into their dreaming mind. When good girls wake, the trance will still be in their mind. 


When she awoke, she was groggy. It felt like she hadn’t slept very well, and she smelled like she had been sweating all night and needed a shower. She blinked the sleep from her eyes and heard a voice say “Good girls listen and obey.”


One hand immediately shot to her breast, and the other found its way inside her panties. She moaned and arched her back, lost in the pleasure and vaguely heard more words drifting into her mind. She paid them no mind. 

She didn’t know how long she was there, listening to the words and stroking, touching, teasing herself to them. All she could remember was the pleasure. It nearly burned her brain – or perhaps it did burn out some part of her, she wasn’t sure – it was so powerful, so lasting, so pure. 

At some point the words stopped coming and, as they did, she gradually drifted back into conscious control of her mind and body. She looked down at herself and saw a fresh sheen of sweat on her skin, and that scent mixed with her own heady aroma after having spent so long masturbating. 

She took a deep breath and looked at the clock – 8:30! – and rushed to get ready for work. She stood up and felt something jerk her head to the side. She flailed at it and removed to earbuds from her ears. When did I put-? she asked herself, then decided that was a ‘not now’ kind of question. She quickly gathered her things, wiped off the sweat with a damp towel, applied her makeup and perfume – though she could still smell her own scent underneath it, she thought with a shudder of pleasure – and got ready to go. The last things she needed were her keys, purse, and phone. She gathered the first two easily enough. When she found her phone, she saw the connected earbuds leading to where she slept. She followed them to her phone and pushed a few buttons on it to try to bring up a logon screen. Nothing. The battery must be dead. She grabbed her charger, pocketed her phone, and left for work.

A foul mood had fallen over her by the time she arrived at work. Three almost-accidents, four more rude drivers and two rude gestures saw to that. Being late didn’t help, either. She snuck in the side door, and walked to her office without trying to draw any attention.  

She saw Greg at the water cooler. He smiled a slightly greasy smile at her and gave her a wave as she approached. Greg was a lawsuit-waiting-to-happen, and she normally tried to stay away from him. However, today wasn’t exactly the day to draw attention to herself, so she smiled back at him and waved. 

As she passed him in the hall, she saw his hand move. Before she could react, he had grabbed has breasts through her shirt. She took in a shocked breath and moved to slap him, but – 

Good girls thank needy cocks

– instead, she turned the slap into cupping his face. She shoved him against the wall and kissed him deeply, then reached down one hand to grope his growing erection. He moaned as she kissed down his neck, moving his collar aside while his groping hands found her breasts. She began unbuttoning his shirt when – 

“Not here. Come to my office in an hour and we can finish this.” Greg panted. 

“Yes, sir.” She said, in a tone more submissive than she thought possible. She disentangled herself from him and straightened her clothes. Only then did her brain catch up to her body, and she blinked in confusion. What did I just? Did I just? Oh god! I just made a date for random sex with Greg! She tried to be disgusted at the thought, but something about it appealed to a voice deep within her mind. Her pussy was growing wet with anticipation. 

Good girls are always wet for cock. 

She shivered, groping herself through her clothes, and kept walking unsteadily down the hallway to her office. She locked the door when she arrived, and fell limply into her office chair, mulling over her situation. 

Time passed, and she found her thoughts always, inexorably returning to Greg. Specifically, to his cock. She wondered if she had grounds for a sexual harassment suit… only to find herself wondering if she could use the threat to extort him into fucking her in the supply closet. She wondered why she hadn’t slapped him… only to find herself aghast at the thought of hurting her chance at being pounded by his hard cock in so doing. She wondered what her boss might think… about a threesome? She wondered what HR might think… if they walked into the conference room to find that threesome? Would it start an orgy? Did Jane the receptionist have rope handy? She seemed like the type. Maybe HR would have some nipple clamps? She seemed like she might be into S&M. 

When the knock came on her door, she was furiously masturbating and almost ready to come herself. Groaning and pug her hand from her panties, she stood up and straightened herself out. Her office reeked of sex, and the thought just turned her on more. She walked to her door, and the only thought accompanying her and giving her solace was: I hope he has a nice cock

Good girls are always ready to service cock.

She opened the door to find her boss, Mr. Patterson, on the other side. She beamed at him and said, “Hello, Mr. Patterson!” 

He gave a wan smile at her and said, “You were late this morning, are you alright?”

Good girls never lie

She shivered as a sudden wave of pleasure echoed through her, starting in her nipples and cresting in her pussy. She closed her eyes and squeaked out a small moan, then said, “No, sir. I’m sorry sir, but I was busy masturbating and lost track of time.”

Whatever excuse he expected from her, it was certainly not that. He was taken aback by her frankness, so much so his mouth was left hanging. 

“Would you like me to suck your cock to apologize for my tardiness?” She added. 

“I, uhh, um… you were… what?” He blathered, completely unprepared for her answer. 

She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into her office, shutting the door behind them. She then dropped to her knees and unbuttoned her blouse, then unzipped and pulled down his pants. 

Shuddering with pleasure, she took his cock in her mouth all the way. Coughing a little, she pulled back and began giving him a sloppy blowjob. After a few moments she felt him nearing the end, and she pulled her mouth off of his cock. As he shot his load she aimed his cock all over her breasts, and rubbed it into her flesh. 

She stood back up and thanked him first with a long, deep kiss, then added “Mmm, thank you sir. Will that be enough apology or would you like to fuck me as well?”

“No, I…no. That will be all.” He said, gathering himself just a little. The fog lifted from his brain and he pulled up his pants then backed out of her office, just in time to see her gather a bit of his cum on her fingertip and lick it off, then swallow it. 

“Delicious.” she said, as he left the office. She looked at the clock, it’s nearly time for my appointment with Greg! She got ready, rubbing Mr. Patterson’s cum all over her skin and leaving her panties in a desk drawer, then set out for Greg’s office. 

Good girls always come when they’re told

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I want to be a good girl

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