i’ve said it before but narcissa wright is like the perfect case study of how gamers are absolutely not an inclusive group of people.

she was considered one of the best speedrunners around, was pretty instrumental in the development of the ocarina of time speedrun, holding the world record for a like, a really good length of time, as well as having some really good speedruns of other games like super monkey ball and castlevania 64 (i think she held the record for carrie for a good while), she made several appearances at games done quick marathons and was one of the contestants in the nintendo world championship from last year, getting to second place overall and getting a signed 3ds from miyamoto

and then she came out as a trans women and like 90% of her fanbase fucking turned on her so quick, calling her slurs, calling her mentally deranged (and anyone supporting her as “enabling a fantasy”), saying she was a hack and that their excuse for being so horrendous was that she didn’t do speedruns or play games any more, but thats bullshit cause if you take like, the time to actually look even really briefly into it, she seriously fucked up her hands playing competitive smash too much; i’ll say it again: she caused serious damage to her wrist and hand muscles because she was playing games too much.

its so evil what happened to her and to this day people harass her, and make threads on 4chan mocking her, all her videos on her new youtube channel get tons of dislikes and shitty comments no matter what she uploads (she uploads smash stuff on the regular! she’s been playing through twilight princess hd! is that not enough gaming for you), and i just

whenever i see shit about how gamers are ~so inclusive~ and don’t care whether you’re lgbt or whatever cuz you’re a gamer its like…no, and what happened to narcissa is perfect proof of that, as shitty as it is

not to mention on twitch, theres a global emote (WinWaker) that’s her face pre-transition and people use that emote all the time in order to mock her. like for example i’ve attended many GDQ streams and whenever the runner says something like “transitioning” in terms of gameplay tactics or whatever the chat starts spamming that emote. it’s absolutely disgusting and i despise the gaming community from pretty much all standpoints

jesus christ i didn’t even know about that part, thank god i always keep twitch chat closed during streams

This shit really makes my blood boil. And Twitch should change that emote.

I don’t really play video games, but any time I think about trying it out again something like this makes me back off.

I’m a video gamer.

And a pro wrestling fan.

I like comics books.

I actually wrote my MA thesis on James Bond.

I love old pulp novels.

Some of these are problematic in and of themselves. Some have really problematic fandoms.

Thankfully, it’s possible to only associate with decent people, and I encourage you to do this.

I’m a mardy bastard, so I do end up flinging a lot of grief the way of the folks doing this, but just avoiding them and enjoying the hobby somewhere safe is valid.

I’ve spent a lot of time in a lot of different fandoms, and I have to say, in my experience video games are by far the most toxic. The only other thing that comes close is literary SF fandom, and even there, as fascist and bigoted as the Puppies are, at least they haven’t engaged in fucking terrorism.

I would say (1) literary sf fandom is nowhere near as toxic as (say) comics fandom; and (2) if you believe there aren’t terrorists in SF fandom I have two words for you: Will Shetterly (to say nothing of Requires Hate).

Not familiar with Shetterly. Quick googling reveals one of those racist, sexist dipshits who hide behind socialism, as if meaningful progress against capitalism could be achieved without also addressing the other elements of the kyriarchy. But I don’t see anywhere that he’s attempted to kill anyone (including SWATting harassment with intent to drive to suicide, or doxxing of persons who’d be in danger if known, all of which I consider murder attempts), called for anyone to be killed, or issued or called for death or rape threats. So unless there’s an incident I’m missing (entirely possible–as I said, I just did a quick googling), I don’t think he *quite* crosses the line to terrorism, just assholery.

I’ll grant you Requires Hate, though.