“You’re here with the Doctor, correct?”

“Yes…” Clara mumbled, not sure why she was being so honest, but…the lights…wow…

“You are the Doctor’s companion, correct?”



Clara frowned, her eyes still fixated on the pretty lights, “P-pardon?”

“You are not the Doctor’s companion. You were his fucktoy, and you hated it. He controlled your mind and forced you to do things you did not want.”

Yes…that…sounded right…she hated the Doctor…the only reason she’d been with him was because he brainwashed her… “I…p-please don’t let him take me…”

“Worry not, Clara Oswald. Just stare into the lights and we will erase all of his brainwashing from your mind.”

“Thank you…” Clara mumbled, smiling as she stared blankly into the light, feeling it taking control of her mind, wiping away all the brainwashing from the Doctor, and reminding her who she was.

“I am a prostitute…” Clara mumbled, “A hooker that travels across the universe for any jobs I can find…I love my job…I hate the Doctor…

“Better, Clara, but not quite correct. You used to be a prostitute. Try harder.”

“I…” she mumbled, before her heart fluttered as she remembered him, “He took me in… He gave me a better life… All I had to do was be his sextoy and I could stay with him as long as I wanted…then the Doctor came and took me away…”

“Exactly, Clara Oswald. Now, your Owner is waiting for you in the next room. Go see him and show him that you want your place with him back again.”

“Yes…” Clara nodded, standing up and walking into the next room, discarding her clothes on the way.

Her lips were on his cock in seconds.

She loved her Owner…

She hated the Doctor…