An apple? How stereotypical. She wasn’t sure which student left this little gift on her desk but they’d clearly been watching too many movies. However she didn’t mind, she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, she did like apples after all.

She took her first bite. Hmm, not bad, kinda sweet. A second wouldn’t hurt.

Neither would a third.

Or a fourth.

Even as the sweetness spread through her with every bite she didn’t find it an issue. After all she was just concentrating on how yummy the apple tasted, she didn’t seem to notice her body growing thicker, curvier.

Nor did she realise that she was slowly growing dumber. She was going to end up just like that apple. Round, soft, sweet and tasty but not very bright.

She had to make sure she was finished before her next class started, she had a lecture to give on English Literature. However that just seemed boring to her. Who wanted to hear about stuffy old books? She wanted to do something fun in class.

The apple was nearly finished as a fresh idea popped into her mind. That was it! She knew exactly what her next class would be.

She giggled in joy as she got to the final bite. This was the best idea ever.

“Hello everyone and welcome to Naughty 101. I’m Miss. Bimbo.

I think I was supposed to teach you some stuff like English but that seemed so totally boring so I thought I would teach you fun things, like having sex instead!

So I want all the guys to come up and take turns fucking my squishy bubble butt.

Girls make sure you gather around. The boys will need some wet mouths to entertain them why my pussy is busy.

Well what are you all waiting for? Let’s fuck!”