Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

It seemed like an innocent question. Sure, it was a question that didn’t make much sense, but it felt harmless, like so many requests that were made at these Q&A events.

Mary was only here to promote her new movie, so some interaction with the fans seemed like a good idea. She was pretty sure she’d not heard the question properly, though, so she asked the fan to repeat it.

He leaned into the microphone.

“I just wanted to know, Miss Winstead – when the winds of change pass quickly through your mind, do your thoughts flock south like the birds?

There was silence for a moment, as the crowd watched Mary try to process the unusual phrasing. She seemed…distracted, her eyes flickering briefly.

She too, brought her microphone close to her lips, and replied in a husky whisper.

Yes, I believe they do…

Slowly, Mary stood from the bar stool that served as her chair on the stage. The microphone fell to the floor as she began to stroke and caress her own body, as if she was a dancer at a strip club.

Eyes focused on the man who’d asked her the bizarre question, she walked off the stage and straight to him. Once she arrived at her seemingly urgent destination, Mary placed her hands on the sides of his head, and brought him in for an almost predatory kiss.

Taking his hand, Mary Elizabeth Winstead led her most devoted fan through the crowd, out of the auditorium, and into a private dressing room.

She locked the door behind her, and began to undress, her movements designed to arouse.

“Thank you, Master. I’ve not been triggered in so long. Lizzie’s been aching to come out and play…”

‘Lizzie’ smiled as her admirer undid his trousers. She pushed him down into a chair and straddled him, lowering herself gently onto his cock.

“You’re such a good fanboy, you deserve the best. So, fuck me, fanboy. Fuck me now…” 

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