Why I Don’t Do Much Bimbification





New post at my own blog–sometimes I write because I’m bad at keeping quiet. This one is probably going to be unpopular with a certain crowd, but nobody’s making you read it.

I actually agree with a lot of your criticisms. It’s definitely not just a sexy funtime thing for most people.

Personally, I enjoy stories with some variant of temporary bimbofication more than permanent, since it didn’t have these issues. I think Kris P Kreme had a story called BBRRAAAIIINNNNSSSSS (roughly) that basically made it like a kinky game they play, and it’s one of my favorites for that reason.

I love bimbofication, but I completely agree with the criticisms @jukeboxemcsa points out. It is very hard to tell sometimes when someone with this kink is actually a misogynist or just playing a role, and I frequently unfollow and block people when they make posts that suggest they really believe this stuff.

But I am not sure this is really a bimbofication scene problem. The entire hypnofetish scene is infested with misogynist doms and “doms”, I think they might just be more visible in the bimbofetish scene, because the nature of the kink makes it easier to see. 


I tend to assume the worst when someone uses derogatory terms outside of fiction/scenes/to people they have no relationship with, because at the very least it’s a warning flag, and because I’ve seen it become the worst too many times not to assume it.

There’s few things that’ll get me to unfollow a hypnofetish of bimbofication blog faster than the words “all women,” because they’re almost inevitably followed by something misogynistic, and there’s few things I can imagine more dangerous than someone who hates women getting into power play with a woman.

That said, it’s a hard line to draw, because I’m not sure it’s entirely possible to separate getting off on having power over women from the larger culture of misogyny in which we’re embedded. It’s definitely something which has kept me up at night, as well as being the main reason I keep my fetish strictly in the realm of fantasy and fiction.

Why I Don’t Do Much Bimbification