Crimson Carnality used lust as a weapon, not for her own pleasure. She used desire as a leash on the souls of others, as fuel for her magicks, as a way to defeat her enemies.

But even a powerful, magickal supervillainess was a woman with needs. And the only thing she trusted those needs to was something she summoned, something she controlled, something she commanded.

Speaking the last word of the summoning, Crimson felt her lover’s misty fingertips trail across her skin. She leaned back, and let the bodiless apparition kiss her throat. Luxuriated in the feel of its breath on the tender skin of her breasts.

It had been so long and Crimson Carnality’s passion rose quickly. The phantom lover seemed so much more real, more vivid, each time she summoned it. And the pleasure it drew from her so much more irresistible.

Soon, Crimson was screaming in bliss as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm.

She lay blissful and sated, drifting in afterglow.

Crimson Carnality’s bliss was so complete, that she forgot to banish the phantom lover. She didn’t even notice the open window, or the faint trace of mist rushing over the ground below.

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