Miranda felt good sending her boyfriend topless selfies ever since he had taken her to that stage hypnosis show at the student union.

It felt good to be sexy for Mike. In fact anytime he sent her a text saying “tits out” it felt fantastic to send him another shot.

“You don’t know a Mike,” Karen said when Miranda told her friend this sexy little secret.

“Sure he’s my boyfriend. We went to the hypnotist show last Friday.”

Karen shook her head, “No you and I went to that together. It was our girl’s night. Wait the hypnotist’s name was Mike.”

Miranda frowned and looked at the chat log in her phone. Suddenly Karen’s phone beeped. Karen looked at the screen and her eyes glazed over.

“I obey,” Karen said in a monotone and then quickly pulled off her shirt and undid her bra.

Miranda watched in shock as her friend took her top off and then took a picture of herself and sent it in a text.

As Karen began to put her bra back on Miranda picked up her friend’s phone. On the screen was the incoming text.

“Tits out.”

Miranda felt relaxed and her mind felt foggy. She barely noticed herself removing her top.

It felt so good to relax. It felt so good to obey. It felt so good to take her tits out.

Tits out.