“Now, when we apply these equations to certain types of relationships, we find that the underlying formulae still work, but we may need to adjust with additional factors specific to that relationship type. For example, when we’re talking about most sexual relationships, the primary factors to consider are attractiveness. In relationships with an element of power play, however, attractiveness may be mitigated by dominance or submissiveness, as we see in formula 17 here.

“As you can see, broadly, as the submissiveness value–indicated here by the four-dimensional vector IOBA–increases, the dominance of the partner becomes more important, and vice versa. Next slide.

“But sometimes there is an element of feedback. Some people are not normally submissive, for example, but may become so in the presence of a dominant personality. Notably, as we see in formula 18 here, the more attracted one is to a dominant personality, the more likely one is to become more submissive toward him. This can lead to a feedback loop, where she becomes more submissive as he becomes more attractive, and he becomes more attractive as she becomes more submissive.

“So for example if my rather dominant-leaning colleague at the projector were to get me to do something submissive, I… mathematically speaking, I mean, I’d… become more attracted to him… and then that would make me more submissive… a runaway feedback loop that… that…”
It was mathematically inevitable. The logic of it was inescapable.

She’d said it herself, come gradually to this conclusion from long periods of studying data and talking it over with him: if she submitted to him even a little, she’d be lost. She’d be his.

“Hey, Hannah,” said the man at the projector. “What was the vector for submissiveness again?”

“IOBA,” she answered automatically, and then heard herself. She suddenly realized her colleague was fairly good-looking. She kind of wanted to be his. Actually, he was very attractive. She wanted him to take her. He was the most attractive man she’d ever seen, and she would do anything he wanted.

IOBA. I O B A. I oh-bee-ay. I obey… I really do…

A very challenging request by @deeperinmypower. Still not sure if I pulled it off or not.