Jenna Coleman

Time. Time had lost its’ meaning for Clara.

As the light streamed into the room, for the first time in….well, who knows how long, Clara dimly thought it must be morning. As she looked around the room, Clara could see a pile of clothes scattered around. Her old clothes. Her old, stuffy clothes. 

Clara obeys Mid.” she said quietly, to no-one in particular.

Slowly, Clara raised herself off the ground. She looked herself over. Short skirt, see-through top, fuck-me heels. Much more suitable. Perfect, in fact.

Clara serves Mid.” It was an involuntary statement, and Clara giggled. She couldn’t even control her silly little mouth. Instinctively, she placed an index finger between her lips, and began to suck, and lick, languidly.

The other hand pulled down her skirt, giving access to her pussy. Suddenly, a flashback hit her. This room. Strobe lights. Brainwashing. Love. Lust. Sex.

Soon, Clara was a sopping wet mess, giggling and smiling broadly as she teased her pussy to the edge of orgasm.

Then He arrived. Clara’s programming kicked in. Brainwashing is good for me, she thought. She stalked over to Mid, pushing him against the wall.

“You did this to me. You changed me. You made me into this….whore!” smiled Clara, seductively. She pulled him close, nibbling at his ear, the heat of her breasts up against his chest, grinding her cunt against his crotch.

It’s…fucking perfect!

A husky, brash laugh fell from her lips. Clara was insane with lust, driven mad by the brainwashing to be Mid’s perfect love slave. 

And she adored it.

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Oh my yes.

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