All the girls were doing it. It was
just what they were expected to do these days. It was so easy, too.
Just take a picture or a video and share it, and that was it. How
hard was that? Not hard at all. It was why all the girls were doing

She’d resisted for a long time. Even
when the school had started to highlight the most popular and most
shared girls and her friends had begun to succumb – becoming
instantly more popular overnight as a result – she’d held out. Just
the idea of having everyone looking at her, all those boys…it made
her nervous. Or at least she thought it was nervousness.

It couldn’t last forever though. On
another long, lonely night when her friends were all out enjoying
their new popularity, she finally cracked. She’d seen how much fun
they’d been having, how much everyone loved them. And it was such an
easy thing to do, too. It would be no trouble at all.

Heart in her throat, she positioned her
webcam, settled down, and gave into what was expected of her.