Part 5 of @deeperinmypower​‘s birthday present.


Louise hung up the cheap prepaid phone and tossed it in a trash can. She’d told Jewel that Paul was after them both, that he’d already gotten other women, that she was in danger. She’d told Jewel about the meeting location; now it was up to her to either act on it or not.

Louise understood now. She couldn’t save the others. She could warn them, but it was all she could do to keep saving herself. They were on their own, had to be.

Out of curiosity more than anything else, Jewel went to the location the woman on the phone had described, a disconnected old phone booth halfway across town. She waited there for a while, but didn’t see anyone.

She was about to leave when she noticed what was inside the booth: a brown paper bag with her name written on it.

Now more curious than ever, she picked it up and looked inside to find a prepaid cellphone. As she pulled it out of the bag, it rang.

Jewel looked around as she put the phone to her ear.

“Don’t bother,” said Louise. “You won’t spot me. Just know that I’m somewhere where I can see you.”

“This is getting a bit cloak and dagger-y for my tastes,” said Jewel.

“It’s necessary,” said Louise. “You have to run. If he finds you, he’ll make you… make you his. He did it to the others. Did it to me, for a while. Please, believe me, he’s incredibly dangerous. You need to run!”

“Okay,” said Jewel, “but how do I know this isn’t a prank? Do you have any proof?” She waited a moment. “Hello? Hello?”

“You’re suddenly incredibly horny,” said a voice from behind her. “You’ll also find you can’t help but do whatever I tell you. Now give me that phone.”

But Louise had been watching from the roof garden of the restaurant across the street. She’d dropped her burner phone off the roof the moment she saw Paul approaching Jewel, and by the time he had the phone in his hand, the line was dead and Louise was in taxi headed for the airport.

Jewel’s skirt hit the floor the moment they were in Paul’s hotel room. She started unbuttoning her shirt at his command, but still her pleading eyes searched his face. “Please,” she said. “Let me go. Don’t do this…”

“You’re horny, though,” he said. “Don’t try to hide it.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “But only because you told me to be! Please, please let me go…”

“But you want this. That’s why you’re horny, because you want nothing more than to be my slut.”

Jewel thought about it as she finished removing her shirt. “You’re right,” she said, and then smiled as she undid her bra. “So what’re you waiting for, get over here and use your slut!”