Part 7 of @deeperinmypower​‘s birthday present.

After confirming the safehouse would work, Louise went looking for the last woman on Paul’s list. Fortunately she didn’t have far to go–Caroline was hosting a special here in town.

There was no way to get a note or a burner phone to her, however, not through the layered chaos of a working set. Louise was going to have to go see her in person. Fortunately the makeup artist was someone Louise had worked with before, and that got her into Caroline’s dressing room.

Caroline listened politely to everything Louise had to say, and sat and considered. “I have been hearing some odd rumors about Karen and Victoria,” she admitted. “Both seen with the same guy within a week or two, both skiving off scheduled appearances…”

Louise nodded. “That’s it,” she said. “Paul got both of them. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any gossip about Aubrey or Jenny yet, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about Jewel soon. But I have a safehouse nearby. We can hide out there, figure out how to take care of all this.”

Caroline slowly nodded as well. “Okay,” she said. “What’s the address?”

After talking it over with Caroline, they agreed it was best to go to the safehouse separately. Caroline would go first, while Louise picked up some supplies in case they had to stay there for a while. A couple of hours later, however, Louise was ready to join Caroline at the safehouse.

Caroline sat up as Louise opened the door, then her face fell. “Oh,” she said, disappointed. “I thought you were Master coming back.”

Louise stared in horror, hand frozen on the door.

“How..?” she asked. “How did he..?”

Caroline smiled. “Poppy was a good girl,” she said. “She told Master all about the safehouse. They were here when I got here, and Master explained everything to me.”

A hand fell on Louise’s shoulder. “And now it’s your turn. Welcome back, Louise,” said Paul.