Part 8 of @deeperinmypower​‘s birthday present.


Louise backed away slowly, but her expression was a confident almost-smirk. “Did you forget, Paul? Your power doesn’t affect me anymore!”

“Right,” he said. “But… then why were you running?”

“I… I had to warn the others…” Louise said, feeling uneasy but not sure why.

It was Paul’s turn to smirk. “I don’t think so. I think you weren’t sure that your immunity would last. I think you ran because you knew there was a chance that I could take control of you again if I found you.”

Louise shook her head. “No! You controlled me too long! I developed a resistance, and now I’m going to take you down!”

He laughed. “As Aubrey might say, ‘Yeah, I have Netflix. I’ve seen the show. We watched it together!”

Louise shook her head. “I don’t… I don’t know what you’re talking about..?”

“But you will,” said Paul. “Remember.”


Louise staggered back, her head flooding. She remembered now, kneeling at her Master’s feet while they watched the show, agreeing with his occasional comments about how he would plan things better, be smarter, more successful than its villain.

“Plus, my voice works on anyone who hears it, period,” Master had said. “No immunities, no mucking around with viruses or pheromones or whatever.”

After the last episode, Master told Louise he had an idea.


She stood and listened while he told it to her, that she would believe she had escaped, that she was immune, and they would play a game…

Back in the present, Louise shook her head. “It can’t be,” she said. “I… I was helping other women escape you! I was free–I mean, I am free! I fought you every step of the way!”

“Oh?” asked Paul. “Were you fighting me when you texted me from Aubrey’s bedroom that she was close enough to the door to hear me through it? Or maybe the message that Karen had called the cops was your valiant blow?”

Louise shook her head. “No…”

Paul advanced toward her. “You told me the address of every hotel you and Jenny stayed at, and called me when she went down to dinner alone. You called me while Victoria slept and gave me the address of her cabin, and took a detour so I’d be sure to get there first. You told me where you left the phone for Jewel, the number of the phone you gave to Poppy, and then you sent Caroline here alone to meet me.”

Louise was shaking as Mas–as Paul reached her, cupped her cheek, tipped her face up to look at him. “You delivered every woman on my list into my power, Louise. You were acting under my orders the entire time. You’re my slave, and you know that’s all you’ll ever be. All you want to be.”

“Oh god,” moaned Louise. “I… I’m your slave… Master.”

“Yes, and you’re so happy to know that you’ve been a good girl all along, and helped so many other women become my good girls, just like you.”

Louise sighed blissfully. “Yes, Master…”

“Now I think you’re wearing too much clothing for a slavegirl, don’t you?”

Louise stripped down to her underwear and waited for Master’s command. Her long ordeal was finally over, and she was back where she belonged, on her knees or in Master’s bed, or both in this case. More importantly, she had done what Master wanted. He was very pleased with the new slaves she’d delivered to him.

And there was nothing in the world better, more right, more necessary, than pleasing her Master.

“I am so happy to serve you, Master!” she said to Paul. “It’s been so long, though… Would you like to take me now?”

Happy birthday, @deeperinmypower! Hope you liked the caption series!