A postscript to @midorikonton‘s birthday present to me – previous parts can be found here

“Well then, Paul? What’s it going to be?” Louise smirked. Now that she was back under Paul’s control, there was no struggle, no resistance – instead, pure delight at her predicament.

“I think he’s gonna fuck us, Lou…” teased a voice from the floor. It was Aubrey, looking up adoringly at her Master, and raising her ass in the air.

Karen lay next to her, stretching on her back before leaning over and kissing Aubrey, passionately. The two girls quickly descended into animalistic grunts as they explored each other’s body.

Jewel approached Paul, in the manner of a true disciple venerating a heavenly being. Poppy and Caroline, having already removed their clothes, joined her, and the three of them formed a circle around the man who held them helplessly in his thrall.

Poppy and Caroline pressed their warm breasts up against his body, as their hands pawed at his arms, chest and neck.

“You are our King…” they sighed. “Thank you so much for turning us into your wanton fuck sluts. We’ll do anything to please you…”

In the corner, Jenny sat with Victoria on the bed.

“See, Vicky, I’ve always been into girls, so this is fucking amazing…” giggled Jenny, lifting her jumper off and unbuttoning her shirt. “But nothing compares to the love, and lust, that I now feel for Paul. I know it’s artificial, that I’m helplessly under his spell. But I just don’t care. If this is how life is from now on, I’ll happily spend my days as Paul’s whore…”

“Whore….” whispered Victoria, as she looked over at Paul, longingly.

“All hail Paul. Paul is all…” Louise began to chant. Soon, the others joined in, walking towards their one true Master, totally submissive, obedient, and very much eager to give their bodies as well as their minds to him.

A wonderful way to celebrate his birthday.

An excellent epilogue by @deeperinmypower