An RP with @the-amber-psyche, with Taylor Swift as my birthday gift:

the-amber-pysche: The morning of your birthday is a bright, sunny dawn, beams of sunlight dappling through the leaves, as you awake, refreshed and renewed. Heading downstairs, you can’t help but shake the feeling that there is someone else present there, the distinct smell of perfume wafting in from your living room.

deeperinmypower: I am intrigued, but pass it off as a smell coming from outside. I head into the kitchen, make myself some breakfast, put it on a tray, and head to the living room. As I leave the kitchen, I notice that it looks like someone has recently been brewing themselves a coffee…

the-amber-pysche: Heading to the living room, you’re surprised to see that a breakfast is already set down there, prepared exactly how you like it. In the shadows to the side, stands a tall, leggy figure, and as you approach, a gentle, melodic voice rings out: ‘Oh! You’re up earlier than I expected!’

deeperinmypower: I stand in the doorway, frozen in shock. Is this a dream? A trick? What’s going on?

the-amber-pysche: As the figure slowly steps out from the shadows, a very recognisable face is revealed – short blonde hair, framing an oval face, with perfect, ruby red lips, and wide eyes. ‘Good morning! I’m Taylor, your birthday present! Oh, yeah! I forgot, happy birthday!’

deeperinmypower: “Wow. I mean, wow. Is this real? Y-you’re Taylor Swift! How did you get here? And….what do you mean, you’re my birthday present?”

the-amber-pysche: Putting one finger to her lips, she grins. ‘First question first… This is definitely real…’ As she moves towards you, her long legs cause her hips to sway seductively. ‘As to how I got here, I don’t really remember…. I was backstage, at one of my concerts, then I ended up in your living room… And somehow, I just knew what I was here for… To be the gift for your birthday… A new toy for you to play with!’

deeperinmypower: I notice a piece of paper on the coffee table, marked ‘Making the most of your present’. I have a read of it. It tells me that Taylor has been programmed to be the ultimate girlfriend and sex slave. With just a few words, I can command her to do anything I please.

deeperinmypower: I take a seat on the couch, admiring Taylor’s body.

the-amber-pysche: ‘Oh, you saw that too?’ She nods her head in the direction of the paper. ‘I couldn’t make head or tail of it. Programming?’ She giggles, one hand to her lips. ‘It makes me sound like a computer, or something. Although, come to think of it… I did know exactly what you wanted for breakfast… I guess that is kinda odd.’

deeperinmypower: I’m still concerned this is a strange dream, so I decide to probe a little more. “Tell me, Taylor – are you happy you’re here?”

the-amber-pysche: Her beatific smile is almost wistful, as she gazes at you adoringly. ‘So, so happy sir… I wouldn’t trade this moment for any in the world…’

deeperinmypower: Emboldened, I take a chance. “Come sit in my lap, then. Tell me all the things you’d do for me..”

the-amber-pysche: Upon hearing those words, she practically skips across the room to you, settling down on your lap, her arms draped around your neck as she leans back, and gazes into your eyes. ‘See these lips?’

deeperinmypower: “Yes, Taylor?” I smile..

the-amber-pysche: The more she talks, the more sultry her tone becomes. ‘Once I’ve done whatever you ask of me to help turn you on, I’d wrap them around your big, thick shaft, and let you fuck them for hours on end, until you filled my mouth with your hot… Sticky… Cum.’ She pronounces the last word slowly, letting it hang in the air.

…and that’s where we had to leave it. But this was simply magnificent so far, so I had to share it.