Emma Stone.

“I’m sorry – can we stop for a moment? That flash you’re using is really bothering me.”

“You’re wrong, Emma. The flash doesn’t bother you at all.”

Emma blinked, and shook her head slightly.

“Yes…I apologise – you’re right. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Wonderful. Now, for our next shot, I want you to lie back on the desk, legs apart, head back, smiling at me with lust.”

Emma began to move further onto the desk, but Mid could tell she was hesitant.

“There’s nothing to be scared of, Emma. You trust me completely. I’m your favourite photographer, remember?”

Mid snapped a couple more shots as she stared at him, taking in his words. After a second or two, Emma’s body relaxed, and in one fluid movement, she lay back on the desk, as if under the ministrations of some invisible lover.

She giggled. “Mid, darling, you should know I’d not be doing this for any other photographer…”

“I know that, Emma.” He smiled, lovingly. “But then…you’ve been harbouring a crush on me ever since we first met.”

Emma’s eyes grew wide with realisation, as she nodded her acknowledgement of his words.

“You’re…right! Gosh, is it really so obvious?”

“Well, I mean, it’d be more obvious if you were touching yourself, and your nipples were like bullets…”

A wave of pure heat rushed over Emma, and she lowered herself, back arched. In an instant, her hands were spreading apart the smooth fabric of the dress she wore, teasing her clit.

“Please….” begged Emma. “I can’t help myself….I’ll do anything for you….anything you say….anything to be fucked by you, Mid….”

“I know that, Emma. Now, be a good girl for me – switch your mind off, and let me do what I please with your body…”

Emma’s eyes rolled back with pleasure as the devious photographer took possession of the young starlet.

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