Scarlett fought desperately to look through the spiral emanating from the device her assailant held in his hand, trying to catch a glimpse of his face. The face of the man that had somehow used this device to ensnare her at the party, and, as if manoeuvred by a tractor beam, brought her up the stairs, into a bathroom no-one else would be using.

She tried to speak, tried to register a protest, but the words just wouldn’t come. Worse still, he locked the door behind him, and a devious smile played on his lips.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting this for a long time, Miss Johansson. No one believed me when I said what my little toy here could do. They laughed me out of the research lab, hounded me out of a job. But I’ll show them.”

He approached her, slowly, and used the device…like a wand, motioning for her legs to part. Despite her brain putting up the staunchest resistance to do no such thing, Scarlett found she simply could not disobey. In a simple, smooth motion, she did as she was commanded.

“No panties I see? Such a dirty girl. Looks like you were hoping to get fucked tonight, Scarlett. Well, it’s going to happen, perhaps not in the way you would have intended it, but happen it will.”

He stood right in front of her now, and brought the device to her face, so that it was literally all she could see. She could feel as he stroked her cheek, in some parody of a loving gesture.

“Don’t worry, my dear. This device gives me the power to rewrite your thoughts, as well as control your body. I’ll make sure that you believe yourself to be giving your body to me willingly. And that once we’re done, you’ll forget it all.”

A single tear trailed down Scarlett’s face, and on to his fingers.

“No need to cry, Scarlett. Just listen to me very carefully. You want me. You need me. You obey me completely. We’re going to fuck, and you’re going to love it, understood?”

Scarlett nodded.

“Good.” He drew back the device from her eyes, and placed it somewhere safe, before turning back to see Scarlett had already begun removing the dress.

“My my. You are an exquisite creature. Shall we begin?”