I’m never gonna leave you alone. 

The voice in Cheryl’s head never went away. It never got quieter. Even when she crumbled and gave in, like she had last night, it stayed there, speaking to her, suggesting. Advising. Demanding. 

She tossed her head back, the strange man’s cock hitting her just right and making her squeal. He was, she had to admit, very sexy. She wondered what his name was.

Sluts like you don’t care about names.

The voice didn’t control Cheryl’s thoughts, or anything. It just… pressured her. It was always there. Had been for years now. And while it couldn’t force her to think anything, it certainly could wear her down. It certainly could make her do things she otherwise wouldn’t have.

If not, she’d still be in school. Actually, she probably would have her degree by now – right? It was hard to keep track of the years. Hard to remember the past.

You don’t care about who you used to be. Not at all.

The man underneath her grabbed her ass, squeezed. Squeezed hard. When she let out a low, breathy “mmmmmm…”, he gave her ass a nice, firm slap, never slowing the rhythm of his thrusts.

Thousands of hours worth of suggestions flooded into Cheryl’s brain, things the voice had told her. Things about how she loved being fucked roughly, about how she loved strong, dominant men, about how she wanted so badly to be used and abused and discarded like a stupid little fuckpuppet.

She couldn’t help it. She’d been trained, programmed. That slap nearly made her cum then and there. 

All you’re good for is fucking.

She wanted to fight against that idea, but how could she? She’d given up everything else in her life. She’d quit school. She’d moved away from her friends and family. She’d burned her savings on surgeries and salon trips. She’d taken a job in a seedy bar, serving drinks in the tiniest, tightest outfits she could climb into.

And on her best weeks, she made it three days without fucking a stranger or sucking cock in the parking lot. That rate was gradually increasing, too.

All you’ve ever wanted to be is a good little cockpleaser.

The man she was fucking came, of course. Cheryl did, too. She always came. Half a dozen times, probably. It was all too much of a blur to be sure. Her whole life was a blur these days. In her lucid moments, she prayed for the voice to disappear. She wished that whatever it was – brain damage, a curse, some kind of psychic sociopath fucking with her – it would just go away.

But every time she thought that, she heard the same thing in her head.

I’m never gonna leave you alone.

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