Alison looked at the screen with barely concealed disgust, as she watched girls taking their tops off and giggling like schoolgirls. Why was she even watching this show, anyway? She was sure she had somewhere to be, but anything that sounded like work felt, well, alien to her.

It was much easier just to stay at home and watch TV. Alison tuned in every day, even though she insisted that she hated the program. There was just something about it that made it so….compelling.

Alison somehow managed to tear her eyes away from the screen for a brief moment, even though Shayna was comparing the size of her tits to Michelle’s, and, like, describing how a thick, juicy cock rammed in her behind would be just perfect. Alison looked around the house. She should get cleaning soon, before her man came home and…and rammed his thick, juicy cock inside her.

Alison turned back to the screen. Silly me! she thought. I can’t start on cleaning until the show’s over! She giggled and removed her top, her gaze wandering to her chest, beginning to play with her titties just as the girls on the screen were doing.

Alison turned to the mirror, and took a sexy selfie, sending it to a number she’d not seen before, but knowing her man would appreciate it.

God, I love this show! sighed Alison, contentedly.

An anonymous request for this picture, with the prompt: ‘Bimbo, tv show, subliminals’