Note: this is the second part of my Taylor Swift RP with @the-amber-psyche – who has a very good way with words. I won’t be posting even single RP I do, publicly, but seeing as I’d shared the first part, it seemed silly not to share the second. (And yes, I’m aware that this probably isn’t Miss Swift in the picture above, but fantasy, ssshh!)

deeperinmypower: “So you want, or rather, need to turn me on, Taylor?”

the-amber-psyche: ‘I don’t know if I’d use either of those words, sir…’ Her tone is more serious now, as if she genuinely believes what she’s saying. ‘I /live/ to make you hard… The very reason I exist is to make your cock throb with arousal for me…’

deeperinmypower: I stroke Taylor’s cheek. “That’s all I needed to hear.” And I pull her in for a long, slow kiss.

the-amber-psyche: Her long, curvaceous legs wrap around you as she returns the kiss, quite literally with every fibre of her being. Slowly, her hands raise up to cradle your cheeks, as her kisses become more and more passionate, forcing you back against the sofa.

deeperinmypower: Even if I wanted to pull away, I can’t. My hands move to her breasts, and I manage to get the words out – “get your tits out for me, you slut…”

the-amber-psyche: She lets out a desperate moan as your hands press against her breasts, and, leaning back out of the kids, she starts to tug at her top, practically tearing at the fabric, until she’s pulled it away, her tits bouncing in a red, lacy bra.

deeperinmypower: "God I want you Taylor. Worship me.”

the-amber-psyche: She begins to slide down your body, planting kisses on every free inch of skin she can find, moaning your name over and over. When at last she’s on the floor, positioned perfectly between your legs, she looks up at you, fluttering her eyelashes. ‘May I, Paul?’

deeperinmypower: "Of course. Do what you need to do, my Taylor-slave…“

the-amber-psyche: She giggles at the name, before undoing your belt, and beginning to hungrily tug down your pants. When at last your cock is free, she begins to lick the underside from the base up, in long, slow movements, never once breaking eye contact.

deeperinmypower: "Uhhhhh….that’s it, Tay. Whoever programmed you did a number on you. If this gets out on the Internet, I wonder what they’ll say?”

the-amber-psyche: She breaks off from her ministrations for a moment, pondering the question quite literally. ‘I suppose their stock would rise a fair bit – people would want me for their birthdays up and down the country.’ She presses a kiss to the very tip of your cock, her ruby-red lipstick leaving a slight stain. ‘I might even have to make this a full-time job…’