Dontcha just love the way that thin-skinned assholes always hysterically scream that people who criticize them are “humorless” in the middle of their angry, whiny rants about the people who make fun of them?

It’s almost as good as the way that they mock “SJWs” for always wanting “safe spaces” while insisting that any criticism of them is “censorship” and must be silenced before they inadvertently hear it and get their precious fee-fees hurt.

… Let me get this straight. The guy who’s written stories involving women and men being drugged and effectively raped seriously thinks he has the moral high ground on a guy who draws comic covers that mock people that were outraged over a cover (that has been done numerous times before yet was never complained about then)?

And let me get this straight. This porn author actually thinks people follow him for his feminism content? Pull the other one (Check the post stats- most people “Liked” what you reblogged, Jukebox. Didn’t see many people reblogging what you said. Could it therefore be that your followers don’t give a shit about your politics and only follow you because you write porn?).

Yes to the first, no to the second but you’re going to get it anyway. 🙂

Look, I’m sure that Frank Cho treats his fictional characters much nicer than I treat mine. That’s part of why I do talk about feminism in among the porn–because I think it’s important to make it clear that as much fun as it is to fantasize about this stuff and even to act out some of those fantasies with consenting adults, you can’t and shouldn’t do the real thing with real people.

Whereas when Frank Cho’s stuff is criticized by feminists, Frank Cho draws stuff making fun of his critics as big mean dumb doo-doo heads who just don’t appreciate how great big-breasted women are and who are mean. Not only do I have the moral high ground, I’m pretty sure I have the intellectual high ground and the “able to deal with criticism without throwing a gigantic whining baby temper tantrum” high ground.

So yep, going to criticize thin-skinned misogynist assholes, and going to write porn. Deal with it.

Also some of us really like Jukebox’s stuff because it’s so clear he gets the line between fantasy and reality, and knows how to treat women outside of fiction. Some of us just don’t want to deal with the emotional stress of posting feminist stuff on our more porn-oriented tumblr things, because that’s a lot of emotional stress.

Mr ‘Hemingway’:

Jukebox tells stories about the discombobulation of fictional people for the enjoyment of real people. If his audience is anything like mine it has plenty of people who enjoy putting themselves in the position of the submissive.

Frank Cho attacks real people when they criticise excess sexualisation in the middle of what’s actually been quite a longstanding outcry about it in comics, rather than, as you were suggesting, a ‘first time’. Cho is actively trying to render a significant portion of comics/ potential audiences from comics as a whole.

Now, please, tell me again who has the high ground here.

While we’re at it, exactly what about producing titillation makes someone morally less pure?

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Use extra paper if necessary.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar flaws will be deducted from your final score.