Not enough messages from you lovely people, say hi and be interesting, who knows what may happen. -giggles-

It started with a message.

Jenny had messaged Katie because she loved her reblogs and Katie just seemed like such a fun girl to get to know.

And she was right.  It was so much fun to talk to Katie.

For hours.

Every night.

Jenny felt so relaxed when she talked to Katie; she didn’t know where the time went and soon, she didn’t care.

Katie was so nice, such a good friend that Jenny didn’t hesitate to send her a photo when she asked.

For a moment, Jenny thought it was strange when Katie mentioned how much her Master had liked the pic, and then something Katie said made her relax once again.

Jenny became so relaxed she barely noticed that she had left her house and was driving.

For hours.

When she arrived at her destination, Jenny was so happy to finally meet Katie face-to-face.

Katie’s Master was there.

Jenny didn’t know how she felt when Katie said he would now be Jenny’s Master too.

Then, he spoke.

And Jenny relaxed.  Deeper than ever before.

The three of them were about to have a lot of fun.  Just like he did with all of Katie’s online friends…

Oh, I almost forgot!  Hi, Katie!

Delicious. Thank You!!