“Well you seem happy.”

“I am happy!” She grinned up at him, moving her shapely, well lubed bust up and down.

“You’re not mad at all?”

“Why would I be mad, master?” She asked, genuinely puzzled.

“I got so angry you drank my last beer that I lashed out at you with my psionic powers, turning you into a dumb bimbo slave.” He explained.

“I don’t mind!” She exclaimed with glee, and tightened her tits around his throbbing shaft.

“Even though I promised to keep myself under control when I moved in?”

“Keep myself under your control!” She replied dumbly.

“Heh, who am I kidding. There’s no one home, is there?” He made a fist and gently knocked on her head with a smirk.

“I’m home and master is home. I serve master!” Her smile broadened.

“That’s a good girl. Finish me off, clean up, and go get me some beer. If you do it all quickly enough, maybe I’ll let you squirt more of your silly brains out of your pussy.” He chuckled.

“Yes master! Pussy wet only cums when master says! Pussy serves master with tits!”