A few hours of staring at the pendulum swing, and the heiress had a complete change of heart.

She stripped naked, and greeted the man, who she only just fired earlier that day, by wiggling her ass invitingly at him.

“Use my body, master. I live to serve.” She looked back at him with her sparkling opal eyes.

The butler grinned and whipped out his cock. The artifact worked like a charm, and now the rich, spoiled heiress was his owned plaything.

He stood behind her, spanked her bouncy butt, and plastered his crotch onto it, penetrating her with all his might.

As he fucked her, he dreamed of his future. He would marry her, and keep her as his naked fuck-toy. She would clean and cook for him while he enjoyed the good life.
And she would be a submissive little sex slave in the bedroom, or wherever else he wished to use her.

It looks like I’ll be adding @willbgunn to my list of must see authors.