“You will obey everything I say,” he said, his voice firm and commanding as he continued to rub her moistening pussy, driving her wild. And yet, her body was frozen; she couldn’t move, she could only stare into his deep brown eyes as her mind and body filled with pleasure, driving her deeper into trance and submission.

When this started, she had no idea that it would end up like this – it sounded like just a regular phone call from her boyfriend, asking if he could come over. He said he had “learned a few things” that he wanted to try, and she figured it could be fun. When he suggested hypnosis, she was surprised, but she thought it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of role-playing if that’s what he was into.

But this wasn’t role-playing. This hazy, heavy feeling in her mind as she looked into his eyes was very much real; the immobility that had left her body frozen in place, helpless to his touch, was also very real; and the feelings of utter obedience and servitude that were growing with every passing moment were so real, she found herself starting to forget ever feeling any other way.

Yes, it was true, she thought. She would obey everything he said – why would she do anything else? She looked at him with adoration in her eyes now, not as a girl looking at her boyfriend, but as a slave looking at her Master.

He smiled back at her, still looking deep into her eyes. “Good slave,” he said, “I think you’re ready for your reward…”

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