You gasp as you fall back under the sway of the spiral on the screen. I grin, aroused to watch you fall back into trance but my own gaze goes to the screen and I begin to fall into the center of the swirling spiral. Master told me to recruit you, and I resisted. I tried so hard to keep my sister safe but he wanted you and so I obeyed.

You were so clueless when the spiral first came on the screen, leaning back ready to watch the movie I’d rented on iTunes surprised that it started this way. I kept from looking at the screen so that as your eyes dimmed and your body relaxed I could lower the headphones onto your ears and hit play on the MP3 file that Master had recorded just for you. I don’t know what it said, but I knew that as you listened I should strip and obey by fingering my wet pussy.

When you stood and removed the headphones you stripped naked too. Then you sat back down and looked into the spiral. Lost, obedient. I took my phone back and called Master then looked back at the screen.

And here we are, waiting for him. Our minds floating away, deeply into the spiral. Sisters obeying perfectly our Master.