Kimberly had always been a bitch to Ruth. They went to school together for years and she bullied her and teased her endlessly. Kimberly was shallow and fake, basically a cliché air headed popular girl straight out of a movie. Over time it became harder and harder for Ruth to put up with it, unlike Kimberly she actually cared about her studies and wanted to have a future that didn’t involve sitting on strangers dicks in some shady club like she often pictured Kimberly would end up doing.

That’s why when she heard about Leon she didn’t just dismiss it like anyone else would. It was a crazy sounding post online by this guy claiming to be able to, as he put it, ‘melt chicks’ minds with my dick’. Of course anyone sensible would ignore it but Ruth immediately thought of Kimberly. Oh how sweet it would be to see that little bitch confused and mindless, fail out of school and end up in a whorehouse just as Ruth had vindictively fantasised about.

So she did her research. Looked up people he claimed to have used his ‘power’ on. Read his other posts trying to find out if this was legitimate and how it actually worked. The more she looked the more she believed he could actually be telling the truth. It seemed as if the more intelligent the victim was, the dumber she would end up. Too bad Kimberly was already an idiot! Ruth giggled to herself at that.

She worked up her confidence and finally contacted him to tell him her plan for revenge against Kimberly. She sent pictures of the target taken at a drunken party which Ruth found floating around her social media and promised payment for his service. She was almost startled when she heard back from him agreeing to meet up and discuss it.

They met in a park around midday. Ruth felt a little like she was a spy on a top secret mission, waiting on the bench for the other operative to appear and be briefed on the objective. She was snapped out of her imaginary spy world when a tall, muscled man with messy brown hair approached and sat next to her.

“Ruth?” He said, staring at her. Something about this guy made Ruth kind of nervous and her voice squeaked out shyly as she responded.

“Yeah, you must be Leon.”

He was kind of cute, Ruth couldn’t help thinking as she looked back at him. Her body was tingling gently all over and she quite wasn’t sure how to breath normally as she felt strange. It was like just being near him was making her hot. Flustered. Wet. Damn how was she wet already? Maybe this guy was telling the truth. The way he looked at her, smiling slightly and leaning in closer, it was like he was interested in her. No, stay strong Ruth, Kimberly is the target. Don’t sleep with this guy. Just let him do his job.

After telling Leon all of the details about where Kimberly lived, what kind of guys she liked and when would be the best time to go after her, Ruth slipped him some cash and hurried away, smiling politely as she walked briskly hoping the wet spot in her underwear wasn’t visible. That entire time she was talking she just kept shivering and pausing as her body writhed in need. If he had this effect on her there was no doubt that stupid bimbo Kimberly would be sucking his dick as soon as they meet. The dumb slut. Then she’ll get what she deserves.

That night Ruth fell asleep easily, thinking about how sweet revenge on her school bully would soon be hers. She couldn’t wait to see Kimberly so mindless and vapid that not even her shallow friends would stand to hang out with her.

As Ruth slept her dreams featured Leon. He was here in her bedroom, talking with her in a soft, smooth, deep voice that she couldn’t resist. Telling her how much more he liked her than that bitch Kimberly. How he couldn’t take his eyes off her in the park. Those same tingles she felt earlier were also back, like her body was being hit with tiny sparks flying off Leon. She wriggled in bed and moaned a little as her thighs became slicker. She was breathing in slow, deep breaths with her mouth wide open.

Then Leon took out his penis. It was big! In her dream it practically glowed with energy as she saw it and immediately felt this incredible urge to wrap her lips around its meaty shaft. It just looked so beautiful she could barely focus on it without her pussy twitching. It felt so real as the dream dick slid into her open mouth slowly. The pressure of the head against her soft lips sending pleasure shooting through her, numbing her mouth entirely before tingles spread through until eventually she felt as if her mouth was suddenly extra sensitive and as the thick, veiny cock pushed its way in further her mouth turned into an erogenous zone and she erupted in pleasure, moaning around his gorgeous cock.

It all felt so real. So real…her eyes slowly drifted open and in her haze she momentarily didn’t understand why she still saw Leon, his dick still sliding into her mouth deeper and deeper. Fuck it’s not a dream! Her eyes widened and her hands rushed up as if to push him away but as they reached his waist their energy faded and they gently fell to rest on the sides of his hips.

Ruth knew what was happening. His power was real and it would destroy her mind. She had to stop sucking his dick before that happened…but…well she didn’t want to. Every second his warm, throbbing cock was filling her mouth it got harder and harder to care about anything else. It was rubbing up against the back of her throat now and Ruth had actually never sucked cock before. She should be gagging but somehow her mouth just felt that this was right. She wasn’t sure how to explain it but it felt more like she would gag if she didn’t have his cock in her mouth. Like his cock naturally fit perfectly in her hot, wet throat and removing it seemed completely wrong.

Gotta…gotta fight! But it was too good. The cock in her mouth had already sent her into heat, her pussy dripping and her waist wriggling in excitement. The cock had already turned her mouth into a second pussy that eagerly slurped up his dick sending bursts of undeniable pleasure through her. She knew if she could just pull herself away from that wondrous pulsating penis she could run away and stay herself. Keep her intellect and forget about this idiotic idea! Of course that would mean not sucking his dick. It was just impossible to will herself to do it. So much easier to keep sucking and sucking, let his dick just melt her mind. Brains are important but dick is so much better…

She closed her eyes and began to feel the stress and resistance fade away as she enjoyed the incredible pleasure of swallowing his cock. Her hands pulled his waist in towards her face as she greedily tried to force more of his cock down her throat until her face was pressed tightly against his pelvis, pubic hair tickling her nose as she savoured the delight of taking his entire dick into her face. Drooling uncontrolllably around it she spasmed and jumped as her first orgasm hit her. Just tasting his cock was enough to make her cum and she needed more!

“Ok Ruth you’re going to feel light headed but don’t worry. That’s just your brains dribbling out of your head. You seemed like a clever girl so it will be quite a lot. Just keep sucking my cock and everything will be fine.” He said reassuringly.

She knew it was true. She felt her head getting lighter and lighter and she could swear her brains were leaking from her cunt as another orgasm hit her, so soon after the other she had barely recovered and this one was even more powerful. She began to feel her legs twitching and her pussy squirting. She never squirted before but it was so intense! Feeling her brains just spurt out of her uncontrollably as she moaned and screamed around Leon’s throbbing cock.

It continued for what seemed like an eternity of moaning, spasming, continuous orgasms, each stronger than the last until finally Leon was read to cum. Her mind kept dripping out and she felt it get lighter and lighter. At first it was lie being drunk, parts of her mind shutting down but it was almost as if it was still there. Then it was different, it was like she just unlearned stuff. She didn’t even know what she lost but she felt it slipping away. Now, it was like she never really knew anything to begin with, her head felt like a freshly emptied container with just the last few droplets clinging to the sides being shaken off slowly. Ruth could sense that Leon was ready, even through her dazed, orgasm riddled empty mind she could tell that the one thing she cared about, this cock, was ready to burst and she eagerly slurped as she tried to coax out that hot, salty load.

With a low, erotic groan from Leon, Ruth felt the meaty cock pulsate and quiver as hot cum sprayed across the back of her throat. She could taste the delicious fluid and immediately she was hooked. As the last drops of her brain leaked out of her still spasming pussy and she became hopelessly addicted to cock, the newly mindless Ruth wondered if this hottie would fuck her pussy or her ass next.

At least she forgot about her problems with Kimberly.