By favourite thing about your blog is that you make it perfectly clear that this purely fantasy and that in real life ypu have respect for women.



Thank you.

I feel sometimes that I don’t emphasize this enough. This is purely a fantasy, something which is completely at odds with how I treat women in real life.

Discovering the hypnofetish community and discovering likeminded people, as well as actually having the chance to chat, collaborate and RP with people has gone a long way to helping me develop a more nuanced perspective on this kink that i share with quite a few people. It also helped me gain an insight into a myriad of sexual kinks of both men and women. Men don’t always want to be in a position of power. Women sometimes love giving up control. And hypnofetishism allows a forum for people to play around with those notions of control and power in the bedroom, and I have been grateful for the chance to share and indulge in my fantasies online with both sexes.

Reblogging for truth. Well said.