The Guest House: Subject – 101

Name: Kelly

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Bra Size: 32C

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Dyed Red

Eyes: Brown

Kelly had been in a total daze for the past week, spacing out during classes, flaking on friends and now calling into work pretending to be sick. All that she seemed to care about was spending as much time alone in her new apartment and that’s exactly what she had done the entire weekend.


In fact the only time she left her apartment was when the landlord’s super cute daughter brought her the best cup of coffee in her life. “My dad makes his own non-dairy creamer, you like it don’t you?” Rebecca asked

“My god YES!” Kelly enthusiastically replied.

“I’ll bring you a bottle tomorrow morning” said Rebecca and then the girls just smiled at each other silently, only letting out a small giggle as the silence became too awkward. Rebecca made the first move and stepped up close, pressing her firm tits into Kelly newly enlarged ones as she gave her a hug. “I’m so glad you got the place, you must be so happy that my daddy selected you…” she said softly in Kelly’s ear.


She couldn’t stop thinking about how happy she was in her new place, how happy she was that Paul selected her…he could have given the guest house to any girl he wanted, but he chose her. She decided to skip her Econ 101…the idea of getting dressed and leaving her comfy home was just too depressing. All she wants to do is
lounge around in her underwear, play video games and take long hot showers…the shower in her place is sooo nice. She had taken four today…make that
five she thought as she stripped naked and jumped in for another one.


She fell asleep after her shower, her mind reeling with orgasmic bliss as she began to dream about her landlord’s sexy daughter Rebecca…the idea of being watched by her she slept, unable to move as Rebecca walked over and began touching her sleeping body. “You want to give yourself over to my daddy
don’t you?” she asked.

Kelly nodded her head, “…yes..” she thought, but unable to actual speak. Rebecca leaned over her and just as their lips were about to touch…Kelly woke up.


She woke up completely naked and desperate to cum, but as she lay back and began playing with herself…she couldn’t climax. She jumped into the shower hoping it might help, the water soothing her tone body while she tried to force her mind to fantasize about various sexy men…Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Obama… but every time she was close to climaxing she simply couldn’t cum.

She stopped the shower and let the tub start filling up, she loved how the bath could stay warm for hours…how the water seemed to seep into her pours. She closed her eyes and began again, this time just letting her mind go…


She pictured herself kneeling on a bed, her nipples piercing through a flimsy tank top as she obediently displayed herself for…someone…someone powerful and commanding. She felt her pleasure build at the thought of being in the presence of a person with the ability to make her humble herself before him.

“You want to lay back…” said a voice in her head

“Yes…” she moaned from her bath, the steam turning the bathroom into a sauna. Her quickening breaths taking the wet vapor into her lungs…


“You feel good being obedient, don’t you Kelly?” asked the voice

“Yes….master” she replied and smiled at how much calling someone master turned her on.


It caused her mind to flutter to a new fantasy. She’s at the therapist and he’s in her head…controlling her. He knows all of her weaknesses and desires…she feels him molding her mind, erasing it and rebuilding it.

She begins to disrobe for her unseen master and says, “Let me pleasure you, my lord…”

Lord…yes…that’s what she needed her a lord…a landlord. Suddenly she finds herself stripping for Paul, her tits on display as she sinks to her knees. She crawls to him, begging to pleasure him, but Rebecca is sitting on his lap.

She lets out another moan from her tub, as the image of Rebecca spreading her legs so her pussy rests on top of her daddy’s cock. Kelly’s body twitches with pleasure and the bath water splashes around from her movements. She knows what to do and crawls face first between their legs, her mouth engulfs her lord’s cock tasting the juices from Rebecca’s pussy that coat it. She can taste them both as she sucks faster and harder. “You want this?” Rebecca looks down and asks her.

“Yes…please!” Kelly begs back, her eyes yearning for the image in her head to be real.

“Then let your mind go…let it drain away like the water in your tub,” Rebecca says as Kelly sucked deep, her eyes watery as she looked up at her goddess. “Once you’ve done that, simply repeat…I am a fucktoy for my landlord…”

“I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord” she repeated as the water began to drain from her bath. She let her mind follow the sound of the drain as she continued, “I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord I am a fucktoy for my landlord” As the last of the water vanished she was hit with an avalanche of orgasmic pleasure…

She exhaled a short breath and then nothing…it was like the world had faded away in an instant, leaving her with no outside stimuli…just the wonderful sensation of cumming. 


When she finally returned to reality she was naked in an empty bathtub, but the strangest thing wasn’t her tits becoming full double Ds (if not Triples). It was that her hair had turned purple…



Everything had gone according to plan, Kelly 2.0 is as devoted to worshiping my cock as all the other subjects, but what was really impressive was how quickly the transformation took. After 11 days of exposure to my new formula Kelly’s C-Cups grew into DDDs, her tongue elongated and her hair continued to change different shades of purple and blue for some reason… adjustments were in order but right now I’ll let my slave coaxed out her reward with that wonderful swirling tongue of hers.

I admired her dedication. She had been doing this for almost an hour and other than occasionally sucking the tip to build more saliva she hadn’t stopped because I never ordered her to do anything else.