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It had been 3 months since the disappearance of Jenni, the
Jedi Council had launched multiple rescue missions to Karideph and each having
mixed results. None of the female Jedi sent out had returned and all of the men
had no memory of every leaving Coruscant. Now with the mass disappearances of
Jedi The Council decided that something had to be done.

Jedi Master Mera was the newest member of the Jedi Council
but she was a powerful force user and a wonderful teacher. She had taught
countless Jedi including young Jenni, because of this she felt responsible for
her student’s disappearance.

“I don’t care how many of you try to stop me, I am going to
Karideph and I am finding Jenni.”

Jedi Master Mido was one of Mera’s closest friends, they had
trained together and was currently the only member of The Council that wasn’t
trying to convince her.

“Everyone please calm down. We all know how skilled you are
Mera but if Jenni’s disappearance was from a Si-“

“WE DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS! Please Mido what if it was a
bounty hunter?! She could already be half-way across the galaxy by now.”

Mido sighed and nodded slowly “you’re right… fine I’ll contact
an old friend of mine that might be able to help. The mayor of the city that
Jenni vanished from. He owes me a favor, and I’m sure he’d appreciate the help
whether it’s a Sith or slave trading ring or whatever. He might have heard
something. Go see him first, I’m sure he’ll have an idea of where you should

After a while the other council
members eventually quieted down and the meeting adjourned with Mera heading off
for Karideph almost immediately. Mido retired to his quarters and smirked
wickedly while sending a message on his personal secured line. It was a short
message but Mido was sure the receiver would know exactly what it meant “Jedi
Master is on the way, remember our deal.”


Mera arrived on the planet’s surface a few days later, as
she landed a young handsome man in black clothing approached her ship. Behind
him always keeping at least a pace behind him was a beautiful and busty woman
who looked surprisingly familiar. ‘she looks like Je- no no Jenni never wore
such…revealing clothing’ Mera thought while trying to suppress a grin.  

“You must be Mera! Mido told me you’d be arriving I am
Shade, mayor of this fine city. Come we shall talk in my office.”

Without waiting for a reply he turned and walked away and
without a second thought Mera immediately starting following him, she felt
strange…it felt like something was engulfing her. Something warm, and inviting
maybe she should just relax an-. Years of experience came rushing back to her
as she spun around looking for the source of the mental assault. There WAS a
Sith on Karideph, but where? Where could they be?!

“Mera is everything alright, you seem flustered.” Shade
gently put his hand on her shoulder “are you looking for the Sith already? You
won’t find anything like that, just follow me to my office and everything will
make much more sense.”

Again Mera felt that warm feeling flowing through her body
only this time she saw something, the woman following Shade had smiled. Mera
snapped back to focus and smiled towards Shade.

“Thank you for the offer Mayor but I think I’ll be fine”
‘now that I found the Sith I think both of us will be fine’ and with that Mera
turned and strode off into the city slums a new plan hatching in her mind.

Once Shade could sense that Mera had left he sighed and
turned towards Jenni anger emanating from his body “How many times have I told
you to keep your emotions under control?”

Jenni took a step
back pure fear in her eyes “I-I’m sorry Master I-I simply started thinking
about how you were going to use the slut once I fin-“

The anger emanating from Darth Shade vanished almost
instantly “Well at least some of my training has gotten through to you, repeat
your tenants”

Jenni’s eyes glazed over as she replied “I exist to serve
Master, all women will serve Master, all Jedi will bow before Master” a smile
spread across Jenni’s face as she finished.

“Good girl Jenni” Shade smiled
as he saw Jenni’s body shiver with pleasure from his praise “Now let’s talk
about how to catch that Jedi”


Mera hadn’t moved for hours she was hidden just outside the
Mayor’s office. All she had to do was wait. Shortly after Shade had returned
his secretary apologized and headed down a side alley.

Mera had been following her for what felt like hours,
Shade’s secretary had left the main area of the city and head entered the
slums. Everywhere Mera turned she saw bounty hunters, criminals, drug dealers.
She swore under her breath that she would return with her fellow Jedi after
saving her apprentice to clean these streets on Shade’s behalf. Mera followed
the secretary through winding back alleys until finally the women entered into
what appeared to be hub for arriving ships. Shade’s secretary suddenly turned
and locked eyes with Mera “Teacher why did you stalk around behind me? You
should have at least said hi” Jenni smirked as she brought her lightsaber out,
the bystanders quickly cleared out knowing full well not to interfere with a
Sith’s business.

Mera instinctively drew her own lightsaber, then something
clicked “Teacher? Why did you call me tea-…JENNI?!?”

Just then Mera felt a hand on her shoulder “Excuse me miss but I
couldn’t help but notice your lightsaber” there it was again that warm
inviting feeling, but why was it so much stronger? She could feel her eyelid’s
growing heavy. “You
wouldn’t happen to be looking for the Sith, would you?”

“b-but the Sith is right there…” Mera pointed at
Jenni, her arm felt like it was made of lead. Wh-what was she doing?

“Silly Jedi, she isn’t a true Sith” the man behind her
leaned in and as his breath touched her neck she felt herself shiver and gasp
“I. Am. The. Sith.”

“w-what? B-but…” Mera could hardly think anymore. She
felt so warm and sleepy.

“Sleep Jedi”

As Mera slumped to the
ground Shade looked towards Jenni “That is how you use that technique, now bind
her. I’ll be in charge of breaking her as well.” Shade noticed Jenni’s
disappointed frown “alright fine. You can watch” Jenni giggled and immediately
rushed to obey her master’s orders.


Mera slowly woke up. ‘Why do I feel so weak? What
are these black straps on my body? When did I get tied up?!’ she immediately
tried breaking free ‘wh- what?! Why won’t they break? Why can’t I feel the
force? What’s happe-’ as she had the thought the door to her cell swung open.
Two figures entered. The first was the female Sith she had tailed, she sat on
the table off to the side crossing her legs and smirking at Mera, the other was
the mayor. “Mayor oh good, your secretary is-“

“She’s a Sith in training.” Shade closed the door
to her cell.

“Y-yes and she-“

“Is the one who has been capturing Jedi.”

“Yes…” Mera
felt a chill run up her spine “and she’s been controlling your mind!”

Shade and Jenni locked eyes both of them trying to
suppress a laugh “her, Control me? Hahahaha no no Mera I was the one who taught
her the techniques she’s been using. I guess you could say we both taught
little Jenni here” Shade walked over to Jenni and slowly ran his fingers’
through her hair. Jenni shuddered with pleasure from her Master’s touch.

Mera finally understood she had it all backwards,
Shade was the Sith. He had been the one who abducted her and Jen- “You! What
have you done to Jenni!?!?!?!”

The woman on the table couldn’t contain her
laughter anymore “hahahaha Mera weren’t you listening to Master? I’m right
here. For a teacher you’re pretty dumb, then again you are a Jedi.”

Mera felt her shoulders slump as the last piece
finally clicked ‘Jenni was the first, he corrupted her. S-she has fallen to the
dark side’. “J-Jenni listen you don’t understand you don’t need to the dark
side, it doesn’t make you stronger. Remember your Jedi teachings.”

Jenni’s eyes glazed over “all Jedi are whores and sluts, a Jedi should always be ready to be
used. All Jedi should be stupid little bimbos, bimbos get the best cocks!”

Mera felt the warm
feeling again as Jenni spoke, her entire body relaxed as she repeated “all Jedi are whores and sluts, a Jedi should always be ready to be
used. All Jedi should be stupid little bimbos, bimbos get the best cocks!
Wait no! Those aren’t the teachings of
the Jedi!”

Shade smirked as he
stood in front of her “you’re right. They’re teachings of the new Jed, my bimbo
Jedi” as he spoke he pulled out a remote and at the press of a button the walls
of the cell flashed to life showing the interior of other cells. Each cell had
a woman within and to Mera’s horror each was one of the missing Jedi. Some were
kneeling and bound like her, some were strapped to chairs moaning in pleasure
but all of them had one thing in common. They were chanting the new Bimbo Jedi
teachings “all Jedi are whores and sluts! A Jedi should always be ready to be
used! All Jedi should be stupid little bimbos! Bimbos get the best cocks!”

Mera felt her bonds
tighten and begin to vibrate, she shuddered in pleasure as she began to moan.
“p-please nooooo! Don’t make me like theeeeeemmmm ooooh oooooh”

“Like them? No Mera you won’t be like them.
Normally I let them break slowly, let their bodies corrupt their minds with the
pleasure but you are going to be special just like Jenni. Once I’m done with
you, you’ll cum as you turn all these innocent Jedi into obedient sluts” He
slowly walked behind her and placed a hand on either side of her head. She felt
his power pour into her weakened mind, felt it reshaping everything she knew.
While staring at the screens at her fellow Jedi moaning in pleasure and
chanting like obedient whores she smiled ‘Hehehe they sound like a bunch of



Milla strode down the
hall lightly tapping the cell doors with her new lightsaber, the black straps
that once bound her now hanging seductively on her newly improved body. Ever
since Master Shade had helped her see the truth she had served him perfectly.
Her past experience as a Jedi Master allowing her to swiftly complete her Master’s
training and earning herself the title of Darth Milla. Her days of teaching young
Jedi the ways of the force were over, now she taught them the new teachings.
Her training was perfect for preparing the new Jedi for their positions in her
Master’s whore houses. Now as she walked along the cells she thought back to
all the Jedi she had broken the memory of her conquests making her wet. She
slowly began stroking her wet pussy as she opened the cell of her newest
student, a young Jedi that had once been an apprentice of her friend Mido. ‘I
had better do an extra good job with this one, Master plans to send this little
slut to Mido as thanks’. She could feel herself quivering in anticipation as
she opened the door and saw the fear in the Jedi’s eyes “Hello there, my name
is Milla and I’ll be your new teacher. You stupid Jedi bimbo.”

I’d like to add a special thank you to @midorikonton​ for helping with this story. You’re the best Mido.