I should just favourite one of these and make it easier to reblog when needed.

Hello everyone who’s just started Following me! What a lot of you there are. But not everyone will be happy here.

I mostly produce photomanips and photocaptions connected to erotic hypnosis and erotic mind control.

I sometimes blog a little about my own hypnosis adventures, but the photos are very much in the realm of fantasy, and don’t work the same way as real life would or should.

I also reblog heavily. When I reblog geek stuff, nothing happens; when I blog stuff that is feminist, or is anti-misogynist, anti-homophobe, anti-transphobe, anti-racist, my Follower count goes down.

If you are a misogynist, a racist, homophobic or transphobic we are not going to get on, you and I, and I recommend you do yourself a favour (and me one in the meantime) and fuck right off until you get over yourself and you’re ready to sit at the grownups table.

I am entirely serious about this. I like seeing that Follower count go up, but I do not want someone like you here.

I would also suggest you ask yourself why it is that a straight male dominant, someone quite into submissive women, STILL finds your fucked up worldview so fucking stupid and offensive, and do some heavy thinking.