She was small, but strong. In fact, she was quite an expert in martial arts, and she was confident that no man could bring her to her knees, at least not without a struggle.

All it took was a simple snap of his fingers. He didn’t even touch her. Just clicked his digits together with a cocky smile, and she dropped to the floor like a worshiping acolyte. She had to obey. Her mind was so weak, it didn’t matter how fit and strong and limber she was. Except for the fact that she was going to make a perfect sex toy, for a very long time.

Seeing her naked body was enough to make her new master hard, even before she began making love to his boner.

“Thank you for cumming on my face, master. May I please stay by your side, and wait for you to use me again?” She said once he painted her face white, looking up at him with shimmering, worshipful eyes. 

Her rigorous training will help her a lot in her new life as an owned sex slave.